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Road Construction

When you need that little bit more: John Deere quality to 616 HP

If we have learnt anything from our decades of experience in the construction and road building industry, then it’s this: the diverse requirements of these fields require machines that have been adapted to them. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of products from several series of machines – each with numerous options that you can adapt to meet your individual requirements.

From our perfect all-rounders in the 6R series to the extra robust 9R/9RT Series Scraper Special models – with us you’re guaranteed to find a machine that is tailor-made to your requirements. Interested?

Then keep reading!

6R – The perfect all-rounder

6R – The perfect all-rounder 6R – The perfect all-rounder
Do you want an extremely versatile tractor that is impressive with regard to both its robust 3 point linkage and PTO work as well as for quick travel to the next site or grading work at crawling speed? If so, our 6R is our first candidate for you.

A strong backbone for strong performance
The load sensing hydraulic system is second to none. With the optional 63 cm³ hydraulic pump, an exceptional flow rate of 155 lpm is a clear advantage.

Turn night into day
Work is not just carried out on construction sites during the day, especially when there are tight deadlines to meet and the days are getting shorter. For you to keep everything under control even when it’s dark, the 6R tractors fully illuminate the working area with their sophisticated lighting system.

6R Small and Mid Frame
6R Large Frame

7R – Even more in one machine

7R – Even more in one machine 7R – Even more in one machine
A maximum power of up to 227 kW (308 hp) with Intelligent Power Management speaks for itself. Our 7R Series tractors deliver.

More power, more flexibility
The 7R tractors’ high power potential is also reflected in the hydraulic performance. The pressure-and-flow compensated hydraulic system with a pump output of up to 223 lpm provides ample power for applications with heavy loads, such as tipping heavy trailers.

Better driving comfort, better safety
The logical continuation of the 7R’s high performance is found in its excellent driving comfort. ActiveSeat suspension, hydraulic cab suspension or TLS Plus front suspension offers you maximum driving comfort both on site and on the road. In the CommandView II Comfort Cab you can take advantage of the impressive spaciousness as well as having an optimum view in all directions.

7R Series Tractors

8R/8RT: Tractors of the highest class

8R/8RT: Tractors of the highest class 8R/8RT: Tractors of the highest class
The 8R/8RT Series machines represent the next stage in first-class John Deere tractors for road building and earthmoving work.

Productivity on a new level
Thanks to the rear hitch with a lifting capacity of up to 12,124 kg and the improved weight distribution of the 8R/8RT tractors, you can lift even bigger additional loads with the three-point hitch.

Highly productive tracked tractors
Along comes the “wide soled” 8RT. Our highly productive tracked tractors demonstrate their strength on tough and wet terrains as well as areas with lower ground pressure and good traction.

8R/8RT Tractors

9R/9RT: Huge power that can move mountains

9R/9RT: Huge power that can move mountains 9R/9RT: Huge power that can move mountains
Move mountains with huge power – with our high-tech 9R/9RT Series tractors you can literally do just that. The incredible performance and torque output of the 9R PowerTech PSX 13.5 l engine unleashes up to 412 kW (560 hp) at rated speed alone and has a maximum power output of 453 kW (616 hp) – more than enough for rock-hard grading work with a levelling blade and a tractor-drawn scraper. All the more so for our 9RT tracked model.

You will be impressed by its advantages:
  • Coverage of a larger area
  • Ease of operation
  • More consistent cut profiles when breaking up the soil
  • More consistent fill profiles

9R/9RT Tractors