The Furrow – the John Deere magazine

“The Furrow” is an agricultural magazine for farmers and industry experts. It provides readers with current topics relating to agriculture, best practice examples and exclusive news and facts from the world of John Deere. The Furrow is published twice a year as a print magazine and is always available as an online magazine.

Cover Story

Virtual models for practical solutions

John Deere’s Mannheim facility uses tools like digital tractor models, 3D glasses and special software to develop and improve tractors. The Furrow takes a visit to a virtual world with physical outcomes.

Cover Story

High up in vertical farming

Vertical farming can help cities become less reliant on imports. Singapore, Taiwan and Seoul all make use of the system to produce herbs, lettuce, and other leafy vegetables. And even rural areas can benefit from the space-saving concept

Effects of crop management on wheat yield and grain quality


Turning one’s own products into a brand promises higher added value, but requires efficient marketing. This infographic shows the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a brand, which steps should be considered and how to create a good logo.