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“The Furrow” is an agricultural magazine for farmers and industry experts. It provides readers with current topics relating to agriculture, best practice examples and exclusive news and facts from the world of John Deere. The Furrow is published twice a year as a print magazine and is always available as an online magazine.

Cover Story

Making Protein out of a Feather

While conducting his field doctorate research, Dr Mohammad H A Ibrahim came across an interesting bacterium at a poultry farm in Egypt. Now it is part of a process producing high-grade feed protein and bio-degradable plastics from waste organic matter.

Cover Story

Controlled Traffic Farming is a win!

Controlled traffic farming and minimum tillage are increasing crop yields and profitability in Ukraine.

Cover Story

Harvesting metal with plants

Some plants absorb the metal in impressive quantities. In certain cases, this phytoextraction can be put to good use.