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“The Furrow” is an agricultural magazine for farmers and industry experts. It provides readers with current topics relating to agriculture, best practice examples and exclusive news and facts from the world of John Deere. The Furrow is published twice a year as a print magazine and is always available as an online magazine.

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Getting into precision farming

Precision farming can make farms more efficient, sustainable and economic. But with the multitude of possibilities, the question often arises: “Where to start? We show examples of three farmers who have dared to take this step and tell you how they did.

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Sunflowers: Spain is developing new high-quality varieties

Heliotropic sunflowers (which follow the sun’s movements) are resilient to scorching summer weather. And high yielding varieties which are rich in oleic acid are the prime material in healthy and sustainable vegetable oils.

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Nemo’s garden

The US firm Ocean Reef is experimenting with underwater cultivation in the Italian Riviera. The goal of the project is to develop a technique for using the ocean for irrigation in arid regions.