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“The Furrow” is an agricultural magazine for farmers and industry experts. It provides readers with current topics relating to agriculture, best practice examples and exclusive news and facts from the world of John Deere. The Furrow is published twice a year as a print magazine and is always available as an online magazine.

Cover Story

The Mighty Cup Plant

It supplies biomass, promotes soil fertility and biodiversity and helps with water protection – the perennial cup plant has quite a few aces up its sleeve. According to recent studies, it is an alternative to maize for biogas energy production. Dr Siegfried Schittenhelm from the Julius Kühn Institute tells us what this plant is all about.

Cover Story

Spare parts for every age

What started as a hobby has turned into a bustling business for Dutch John Deere fan Guus van Daele and his son Stanny: The two collect and trade in old spare parts and in so doing ensure that a piece of history is preserved.

Cover Story

Climate friendly cows

The cattle industry is under increasing scrutiny for its contribution to climate change, but with adversity comes innovation and agriculture has risen to the challenge by developing methane inhibiting supplements.