The Furrow – the John Deere magazine

“The Furrow” is an agricultural magazine for farmers and industry experts. It provides readers with current topics relating to agriculture, best practice examples and exclusive news and facts from the world of John Deere. The Furrow is published twice a year as a print magazine and is always available as an online magazine.

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Storing water to cope with droughts

Farmers in Sweden, France and Germany are striving to retain water when there is plenty available so they can use it during dry summer months. Water is stored in ponds, marshes, or in the ground. The Furrow reports.

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Farmers’ Markets, not Supermarkets

During the corona crisis, farmers are seizing the opportunity to use good ideas to open up new business areas. We have collected three examples from three countries.

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Organic production tickles the tastebuds

The family-run organic farm Bio Alberti combines traditional farming with modern processing techniques – and produces goods both for the nearby village and the global marketplace.