Wheeled Harvesters

Medium Harvesters

1070E IT4 harvester

1070E IT4

For early thinning in sensitive areas, 1070E IT4 offers the perfect solution. The small, maneuverable frame allows access into the tightest of stands whilst the flotation tires and balanced chassis ensure a gentle footprint on the forest floor.

1170E IT4 harvester

1170E IT4

1170E IT4 harvester is equipped with John Deere 6068 PowerTech Plus turbo-charged, charge air cooled, 6-cylinder 6.8L engine to provide the right technology, right now. Simple to operate and maintain while delivering power, fuel efficiency, reliability, and low cost of ownership.

Large Harvesters

Harvester 1270G


The John Deere 1270G consumes significantly less fuel than its predecessor, but boasts even more power. The increased output is particularly big in the 6-wheel machine, which now has the same power as the 8-wheel machine, i.e. 200 kW instead of the previous 170 kW. The torque has also been boosted: by as much as 17% in the 6-wheel machine and 5% in the 8-wheel machine. Fuel consumption, however, is very low – and that results in significant direct savings over the lifetime of the machine.

John Deere 1470G harvester


The 1470G is John Deere’s biggest harvester model. In terms of technology, the 1470G is virtually the same as the 1270G, but it has the bigger CH9 boom and the different front frame it requires, as well as bigger tyres and bogie axles. The boom's slewing cylinders have been positioned parallel to the harvester's frame, thus improving the hosing and cabling. This also brings better forward visibility and minimizes wear and tear. The boom's path and speed is excellent, and the boom works effortlessly also when fully extended.