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Simple And Convenient

This high-performance sprayer makes your ProGator even more versatile – no tools required!

HD200, SelectSpray, Field, Foam Marker, Golf and Sports

See Where You’ve Been

This optional foam marker even lets you set foam rates and consistency.

2020A, HD200, SelectSpray, Studio, Golf and Sports

Low Profile Tanks

The impact-resistant polyethylene tanks are styled for a low centre of gravity and a clear view of the outer boom sections.

Auto Rate Control, SelectSpray, Studio, Golf and Sports

Auto Rate Control

Input which colour nozzles you’re using, then synch your target application rate to your ground speed automatically, and in realtime.

2020A, HD200, SelectSpray, Field, Golf and Sports

Parking Stand

Who says sprayers are just for spraying? Get more out of your ProGator with this sturdy, easy-to-mount stand.

2020A, HD200 GPS, SelectSpray, Field, Golf Course, Golf and Sports

ProGator 2030A GPSPrecisionSprayer

Spray more efficiently with satellite guidance technology and increase productivity and accuracy while reducing labour and material costs.

2020A, HD200, SelectSpray, Studio, Close Up, Golf and Sports

Proven Technology

Farmers all over the world use our proven Starfire6000 GPS Receiver and mobile RTK (real-time kinematic). Mobile RTK provides accuracy levels of 2.5 cm to ensure the reliability of boundary maps and allow to create spray coverage maps.

MyOperationCenter, SelectSpray, Dealer and Customer, Golf and Sports


Accurate mapping helps you set spray zones and rates precisely. That’s good for your budget – and good for the environment.

Product Range

ModelMapping and Spray Zone definitioNAutrotrac for PrecisionNozzle control



Manual Section Control



Individual Nozzle Control

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