John Deere Precision Technologies for Turf Equipment

As a greenkeeper, turf keeper, or professional landscaper, you face growing demands for environmental stewardship 
and operational efficiency. John Deere Precision Technologies for turf equipment offer easy-to-use solutions to help you 
efficiently plan, monitor, and analyze maintenance activities. By gathering key insights throughout the year, you can make 
timely, informed decisions for more profitable and sustainable turf and grounds care operations.

Optimised resource management

Innovative turf technologies provide helpful information on machine usage and inputs for improved cost transparency and sound decision-making. 

Effortlessly sustainable

Precision turf technology can significantly reduce fuel consumption and prevent the excess application of inputs, such as fertiliser and chemicals, for more sustainable grounds care.

Precision Technologies for Turf: More efficient operations management

John Deere Precision Turf connects machines, grounds, and labour in real-time. It makes all relevant management information readily accessible for better decision-making and assists you in running a profitable and sustainable business.







Connectivity is the key to real-time machine information. JDLink™ is the John Deere telematics solution facilitating the automatic flow of machine data between connected equipment and the John Deere Operations Center™, our web-based management platform.



Track machine performance

Live machine data, such as the usage breakdown into idle, transport and working hours, indicate the machine’s performance and are the basis for machine optimisation.


Monitor machine positions live

In addition to that, you can monitor live machine positions for the entire fleet from anywhere at any time – you’ll know where your crew is working and how the work is progressing.


Reduce maintenance costs and downtime

Real-time machine data makes it easy for you to stick to maintenance schedules and proactively plan all maintenance required to get your machines ready for reliable tiptop performance.

  • JDLink™ R Modem

    All golf equipment comes standard with the R-Modem for uploading machine data and agronomic data, e.g. as collected during spraying with our ProGator 2030A HD200 CE GPS Precision Sprayer. 

    Retrievable machine data can vary depending on machine type and machine age.

  • JDLink™ M Modem

    The TerrainCUT™ 1500 and 1600 Series have our new M-Modem, which is also available as a field installation kit for our commercial Zero Turn Mowers. The M-Modem with its internal antenna makes it easy to install on non-JDLink-ready machines and even non-John Deere equipment to connect your entire fleet*.

    * Retrievable machine data can vary depending on machine type and machine age.



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Our precision guidance system automatically reduces gaps and overlaps. That helps you minimise input costs for fertiliser, chemicals, and seeds, lowers fuel consumption, and reduces operator fatigue.


StarFire™ Receiver

Access to John Deere guidance systems starts with our StarFire™ receivers. They track up to four correction signal satellites in parallel for exceptional coverage and automatically switch to the best available geostationary satellite signal to deliver reliably accurate guidance.

  • Universal Displays

    The name already says it: our Universal Displays can be used on different machines to facilitate year-round use. Documentation, variable-rate application and wireless data transfer capability are all standard.

  • 4240 Universal Display

    The 4240 display has a 21.3 cm touchscreen and is water and dust-resistant (IP65).

  • 4640 Universal Display

    Get the same functionality as the 4240 but with a larger 25.4 cm touch screen and in-field data sharing readiness.

  • G5 Universal

    The G5 Universal is water and dust-resistant (IP65) and brings you full HD resolution, additional memory, increased processing power and is among the most advanced displays available.

  • G5Plus Universal

    With the same functionalities as the G5 Universal, the G5Plus Universal has a massive 12.8” screen that offers about 33% more visual space.



AutoTrac™ hands-free steering lets you move faster, with less stress, while reducing overlaps and gaps. Effortlessly work straight, curved, and circle tracks, even in low-visibility conditions. Use AutoTrac™ once, and you’ll never want to go back.


AutoTrac™ Universal 300 (ATU300)

Our proven automated steering solution can be fitted to many machines. Thanks to its effortless installation, you can transfer the ATU300 from one machine to another in less than 30 minutes.


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The John Deere Operations Center™ and John Deere OnLink™ are your portals for collecting visualised agronomic, machine and labour information. Accessing all relevant information at a glance will help you make fact-based decisions quickly and easily.


Quicker Setup

You can save lots of time by setting up machines, operators and boundaries in the John Deere Operations Center™ and Onlink™ to plan all your work well in advance.


Effortless Monitoring

Eliminate delays and mistakes by calling up tasks and machine locations as needed and monitor performance in real-time from any device.


Powerful Insights

Analyse machines' and applications' efficiency and performance with ease and enjoy significant improvements in performance, financial control and sustainability.


John Deere Operations Center™

The John Deere Operations Center™ connects you to your machines and your operation from one central location. The planning and analysis tools in the John Deere Operations Center™ help you make timely, fact-based decisions.



Onlink™ is your solution for effective labour and machine management. It replaces your whiteboard with a digital workboard where all your important information is organised and available in real-time.*

* Only available in UK and IE. Coming soon for rest of Europe.


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Indispensable for professional landscapers

Use the Operations Center™ or the Operations Center™ App to connect your machines, grounds, and workforce in real-time to streamline record-keeping, expedite reports, and access data on the go. Live positioning, proactive service, and autosteered machines reduce your expenses while boosting environmental performance.


Essential for today's greenkeeper

As a greenkeeper, you’ll use the Operations Center™ or the Operations Center™ App to help you connect your machinery, greens, and workforce in real time. This enables streamlined recording, faster reporting, and mobile accessibility. You will also benefit from live positioning, proactive service, and auto-steering to lower expenses and bolster sustainability while maintaining operational excellence.


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