Your Start into the Future of Farming


Four essentials to unleash your powers of precision

John Deere Precision AG Technology helps you master all your daily jobs with data-driven insights for better farm management. Key tools like the G5 Plus CommandCenter™, StarFire™ Receivers, and JDLink™ Connectivity equip our large tractors for your Precision AG journey. To get you started now, we’ve created four short videos explaining some essential Precision AG functions.

Reduce overlap with SF-RTK

Save 5% of fuel by reducing overlap with StarFire™-RTK guidance. 1 Benefit from 2.5 cm pass-to-pass accuracy, over five years of precise repeatability.

Section Control: 50% less off- target spraying2

Use Section Control with up to 255 sections to minimise overlap, significantly reduce off-target  spraying and achieve precision crop protectant and nutrient application.

Yields up, costs down: Variable Rate Application

Optimise your profits with variable-rate application. Increase fertiliser, seeding, and chemical efficiency while boosting yield and reducing costs. Enjoy potential savings of up to 12-44 kg N/ha.3

Ready, set, go! 1-Click-Go- Autosetup

Conveniently schedule work tasks in the John Deere Operations Center™ and send them wirelessly to G5/G5 Plus CommandCen- ter™ in the tractor. Drivers confirm the details with just one click, and the job gets done the way you want it.

Powerful possibilities

Explore our range of tractors equipped to accelerate your journey into the future of farming.

Go beyond: transformative solutions and products

Always evolving and up to date

Always evolving and up to date

Our Precision AG solutions include remote software upgrades and invaluable features like Remote Display Access (RDA) to increase your productivity and boost your uptime with Expert Alerts.

Make it yours!

Make it yours!

Effortlessly tailor your John Deere to your needs. Our high-quality accessories match your machine and business like no other.

1Arvalis Institut du végétal, Chambres d’agriculture Loiret und Poitou Charente, UFA-Revue
2According to a study conducted in the USA and Brazil
3Benchmark; trail VISTA iDünger