Forestry Service

Maximum uptime of a forest machine can only be achieved with efficient and timely maintenance and service. Our maintenance services have been developed to help keep your forest machines in the best possible working order every day through their service life.

Look at our forestry service offering and contact us when you want to hear more.

What kind of service agreements are available?

TimberCare Standard

TimberCare STANDARD is a traditional type of fixed-time service agreement. The services in this agreement are carried out according to the normal service intervals presented in the operator's manual. The STANDARD agreement covers all the labour, parts and oils required for servicing the machine.

STANDARD service program includes:

  • Set-up and delivery
  • Standard service intervals


  • Machine inspections
  • Tuning day events
  • TimberSkills operator training
  • Software tools training
  • Machine diagnostics training
  • Extended coverage
  • Remote diagnostics

TimberCare Premium

TimberCare PREMIUM is an advanced maintenance agreement for forest machines. It is focused on ensuring high reliability, uptime, and performance of forest machines through a dedicated maintenance program with predictable maintenance costs. TimberCare PREMIUM service events include all labor, parts, fluid, and filter costs as part of your agreement.

The TimberCare PREMIUM program requires a signed service agreement and the use of Genuine John Deere oils, filters, and spare parts.

Other services - Tuning Day, Oil Services and Extended Coverage

What's included in a tuning day?

Tuning day is an event where a machine’s technical condition, settings, pressures and performance are checked in situ in the natural working environment. As a result, the machine’s performance level is either raised or returned to a high level.

The Tuning Day comprises various options that can be chosen by the customer. The instructor can concentrate on the technical aspects of the machine or on the operator’s working methods – or on both, according to the training program agreed on and put together with the customer.

By default, the tuning day includes three areas of assessment

  • Overall inspection of the machine
  • Test-drive
  • TimberLink data analysis and machine report

In addition, you can choose from the following to enhance machine performance further

  • Updating TimberMatic software
  • Checking and adjusting the harvesting head and base machine’s working hydraulic pressures
  • Checking and adjusting boom, driving, and other hydraulic pressures
  • Adjusting the TimberMatic control system
  • Checking and calibrating the measuring system
  • Training the machine operator about working methods
  • Providing TimberMatic control system training

The machine report and TimberLink data analysis are key points covered during machine Tuning Day. TimberLink gives a clear picture of the machine’s condition and productivity, as well as changes over a longer period or time.

TimberLink Machine Report

The TimberLink machine reports give a clear picture of a harvester’s productivity and fuel consumption. From the TimberLink machine report, you can easily see the harvester’s productivity, fuel consumption, and technical condition in comparison with other machines working under similar conditions.

The machine report can be compiled in the forest or at the office. It is created separately for each operator, even if the machine report mainly deals with the harvester’s condition and productivity. Based on the report, tips for developing working methods and optimizing fuel consumption can be given for each operator.

What are oil service and oil analysis?

Machine condition-based maintenance with oil analysis

Regular oil-sample analysis is an excellent tool for monitoring machine technical condition and a vital condition-based maintenance component. With oil analysis, machine operational reliability can be increased, and maintenance and operational costs reduced. This means that early detection of possible problems, recognized by oil sample, can save you from expensive unplanned repair.

Curtail operating expenses with extended oil-change intervals

With John Deere oil service, including oil analysis, both hydraulic and transmission oil-change intervals can be increased when John Deere oils and filters are used. Oils are changed based on the result of the oil analysis, while changing the filters will remain a routinely scheduled maintenance procedure.

Super Caddy filtering unit can be used to increase hydraulic oil life time. Super Caddy is used to filter water and contamination from hydraulic oil. The unit can be used also to ensure hydraulic system cleanliness in case of major hydraulic component failure.

Oil-sample extraction is quick and easy. The following fluids can be analyzed:

  • Hydraulic oil
  • Transmission oil
  • Engine oil
  • Diesel fuel
  • Coolant

Can I extend the warranty period of my equipment?

Extended Coverage continues to offer security for your John Deere forest machine after the standard warranty expires. You can purchase Extended Coverage for your John Deere harvester or forwarder either with new machine purchase or during the active period of the Standard Warranty.

Extended Coverage offers a number of available options covering different time periods and different systems

  • Comprehensive coverage for the entire machine can be up to 6,000 hours
  • Coverage for powertrain and hydraulics (transmission, engine and hydraulics) can be up to 6,000 hours
  • Coverage for powertrain (transmission and engine) can be up to 8,000 hours.

Extended Coverage requires that machine is repaired by John Deere dealer and maintained according to periodical maintenance schedule.

Extended Coverage includes components and repair costs – except wear items – for damage due to material defects or unsatisfactory workmanship. The application process for the Extended Coverage is quick and easy.