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Machine delivery training ensures a reliable start for the customer

The arrival of a new forest machine at the logging site is always a big event. Whether it’s a customer’s first John Deere forest machine or the latest acquisition for a logging company that has long trusted the brand, a successful user experience and productive operation is ensured with John Deere’s delivery training expertise. 

Intelligent Harvester Head Control (IHC)

Intelligent Harvester Head Control (IHC) makes the operator’s work easier and improves delimbing quality

The operator sets the desired force level for the delimbing knives and the IHC measures the compression force and automatically adjusts it as needed. 

IBC 3.0 brings more automated functions to forwarders

With the new version, IBC 3.0, at the push of a button the boom automatically moves to the position from which the previous grapple load was taken – both when loading and unloading logs. The boom can also be automatically moved into transporting position at the push of a button.

John Deere Joensuu Factory - Have you ever seen how forest machines are made?

Our factory uses the industry’s latest technologies and production methods, enabling efficient and sustainable production. Every one of our forest machines is meticulously designed down to the smallest detail because we know the demands of difficult forest conditions – both for the machines and the operators.

The rotating and leveling cabin increases improves ergonomics

The rotating and leveling cabin is an ergonomic working environment

Cabin faces the work area and the automatic leveling function allows the operator to sit upright even when the machine is on uneven terrain.

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Machine documentation in TimberManager

All the machine documentation - instruction manuals, schematics and other support material - can now be found on a computer or a tablet, in addition to the machine. You need a MyJohnDeere user ID to be able to log in.


The site planning included in the TimberMatic Maps program assists in taking into use the logging plans created in TimberManager. If there is no ready-made plan, it can also be created directly in TimberMatic Maps program and the site planning gives detailed guidance. 

Site planning
Site planning