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Forest machine operator

Creating a new forest machine takes passion and persistence

The productization of a new forest machine series is a multi-phase process that takes several years at the very least. A peek behind the scenes of the engineering work reveals a team that is inspired by problem-solving, passionate about their work and isn’t deterred by the fact that their handprint takes years to see.

Planting machine

Planting seedlings for a better future

The Mechanized Seedling Planter is designed to be adaptable to different species and is intended to be used in different forestry markets around the world.

Harvester in the forest

First thinning in the Médoc, France

Following the planting of numerous trees after the storm in 1999, several thinning operations need to be carried out today. Steve Cazorro, the manager of Farbo, has found the H212 head to be the ideal tool to improve his productivity among these young stands.

Customer magazine In The Forest

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