Keep your machines running!

  Benefit from service packages that help you enhance performance, reduce downtime and control costs. Through a suite of industry-leading wireless technology solutions, your dealer will help you optimise machine health and schedule services for total peace of mind and next-level productivity. 

Maximum Uptime with John Deere Connected Support™

You know that when you’re hard at work, the unexpected can happen. And when it does, you need a quick resolution.

John Deere Connected Support™ is ready to help you and your dealer to monitor machine condition and proactively fix issues, keeping you running.

It’s all part of the FarmSight Services In Base package of every JDLink™ capable machine.


Expert Alerts – Technology at your Service

Expert Alerts – Technology at your Service

Unlock the full power of smart technology to maximise your uptime. With Expert Alerts, your John Deere dealer can identify potential machine faults and fix them before they become a problem. Welcome to John Deere Connected Support™.

Uptime Formula

John Deere Connected Support™ combines machine connectivity, innovative tools and proactive dealer support to ensure your machines are available all season at peak performance.


Uptime Formula


Proactive support that protects your bottom line

If you’re like us, you don’t like surprises. Especially when it comes to the health of your machines. Because that can mean expenses, lost productivity, and less profitability. So, let’s skip the surprises. Based on the lifecycle stage and utilisation of your machine, FarmSight Services packages* include Remote Machine Monitoring** and diagnostics by dealer experts to help you keep your machine the way you want it: reliably performing at its best.


Want even more?

Boost machine uptime and performance further with additional FarmSight Services. Choose Training Services, Uptime Services and Performance Services and combine them in a FarmSight Services package tailored to your needs.


Tailored to your Needs

FarmSight Services can be combined into different levels of service packages to achieve maximum benefit for your business. For a tailored offer, please contact your John Deere dealer.


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In Base

As the owner of a John Deere machine, you benefit from John Deere Connected Support™ to keep you running. As part of the In Base services, you will also receive tailored initial machine setup assistance and operating instructions.


Select lets you benefit from the latest insights of your dealer experts and factory data. Based on real-time data from your machines, you’ll receive timely recommendations on how to keep your machine performing and in perfect shape.


With Premium, you’ll benefit from reduced operating costs and increased machine performance based on data and expert knowledge – performed on-farm or with the latest remote support tools.


Ultimate brings your uptime and performance to a new level. Experience total peace-of-mind service based on data and expert knowledge including guaranteed machine uptime.

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* Available at participating dealers only. Exact services scope depends on individual dealers' offer.

** All remote services require the JDLink telematics module, an active subscription and your consent.

Proactive Response

We can identify potential machine issues before they become a problem.

Remote Support

Get immediate support with your machine settings and diagnostics.

Machine Dashboard

Machine Dashboard

  • Monitor machine fleet based on actual operating condition
  • Prioritized view of machine issues for a proactive response and increased uptime

Remote Display Access

Remote Display Access

  • Remote viewing of machine display by dealer expert
  • Faster support for machine set-up and optimisation to maximize performance


Expert Alerts

Expert Alerts

  • Predictive machine service alerts
  • Identify and fix issues before they become a problem
  • Reduce diagnostic and repair time by up to 20% on average
  • Awarded technology

Service ADVISOR Remote

Service ADVISOR Remote

  • Remote machine diagnostics and accurate data analysis
  • Qualified technician goes to field with all required parts and tools
  • Remote software updates

Keep you running

Gain more uptime and run at maximum machine performance

John Deere Connected Support <sup>TM</sup>

PowerGard Protection plans: Get covered

When you protect your equipment with a PowerGard Protection plan*, your business has the steady machine uptime and nonstop peak performance it needs to thrive.

Decide - What's best for you?

Decide - What's best for you?

PowerGard Maintenance agreements provide basic preventative maintenance protection and are essential for keeping equipment in good working order.
They are also prerequisite for the more comprehensive PowerGard Protection and Protection Plus plans.


PowerGard Protection

PowerGard Protection

Protect yourself and get your peace of mind with a PowerGard Protection plan. It protects key components that put power to the ground and keep you moving. So the most complex and expensive components of your machine (engine, drive train, steering and frame) are covered.

PowerGard Protection Plus

PowerGard Protection Plus

PowerGard Protection Plus plans provide comprehensive coverage of almost all components*** for total peace of mind.

Comparison: PowerGard Protection and Protection Plus




Steering and Brakes





Operator station



Finance your PowerGard Protection plan at competitive rates, with flexible payments

FarmSight Services

FarmSight Services

Combine Extend PowerGard Protection plans with FarmSight Services packages for increased productivity, uptime and reduced cost of operation

* At participating dealers only. Requires a maintenance plan.
** Not all tractor models.
*** See website for full list of covered components.

GreenShield Protection


Continue to ensure maximum uptime for your machine even after warranty and PowerGard Protection has expired.

Whats best for you?

GreenShield protects your investment should the machine encounter any problems outside of the standard manufacturer’s warranty period. Select the level of protection to satisfy your requirements – GreenShield Power or GreenShield Plus. Plus coverage adds Hydraulic systems and Electrical components to the coverage.


Overview of covered components

     = GreenShield Power

     = GreenShield Plus (also includes cover of GreenShield Power)

GreenShield Protection for Used equipment

  • GreenShield protects your investment should the machine encounter any problems outside of the standard manufacturer’s warranty period.

  • Select the level of protection to satisfy your requirements – GreenShield Power or GreenShield Plus.

  • Choose from 3 – 24 months protection.

Ask your John Deere dealer for more information about adding GreenShield to your John Deere used machine.

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