Grain Sensing

HarvestLab: Your New Super Power

John Deere HarvestLab™ grain sensing provides real-time data on crop quality while you’re harvesting*. It complements yield maps, giving you insights for better nutrient management, choice of seed varieties and the marketing and storage of crops.

Manage Your Nutrients Better

Manage Your Nutrients Better

Gain a clearer understanding of which nutrients, such as nitrogen, have been successfully converted into protein or oil. Then use this data to make better targeted fertiliser applications for the next season.

Optimise Your Seed Varieties

Optimise Your Seed Varieties

Wheat or rapeseed varieties can promise a lot on paper, but when you grow them the results may not always live up to expectations. HarvestLab helps you better understand site-specific factors to find the optimum variety.

control your crop sales

Control Your Crop Sales

Know if your wheat is bread or feed quality as you harvest. Separate different loads according to protein content and store them separately for the best grain price.

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Smart Farming

John Deere Precision Ag Technology can help you use your harvest data to plan your planting and seeding for the next season.

*Available on T and S-Series models only
**Throughput tests:
S-Series - Internal field test conducted by John Deere in La Rochelle, France, 07.2021 and Aalborg, Denmark, 08.2021
T-Series - Profi field test, 10.2020 (