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TimberMatic Maps gives operators a real-time production view to the logging site. The data collected by the harvester’s sensors and the precise GPS-based location of the felled timber, is automatically transmitted from the harvester to the TimberMatic Maps application for use by the forwarder operator. The data between the machines are updated through a cloud service, and all the operators working at the same work site can see all the tree species and assortments with the driving routes right down to the individual logs.

New features

After the latest update, it is possible to edit the size and color of the machine and log icons. You can get an even better view of the work site with one glance.

TimberMatic Maps view to the work site with the exact position of logs
TimberMatic Maps view to the work site

TimberMatic Maps introduction of functions

Starting the logging site

Starting the logging site and creating the landing area on the map

Progress of the site

Progress of the logging site shows in real time on the map.

Route selection

Route selection and timber to the landing area

Sharing information

Sharing additional information about the site

TimberMatic Maps view

The operator marks the forwarded timber as transported to the storage area. The operator of the next shift knows where to start their work. There is no need for an estimate of the volume and not a single log will be left even in a dark forest, for different assortments are shown on the map right down to the single log even if they are covered by snow.

Forwarder operator can choose the desired assortment from a specific area or along a logging route and the map will show the exact volume of that assortment in the chosen area. The operators can also mark special areas on the map. This way e. g. soft ground can be avoided when planning the driving route.

TimberMatic Maps view

The map shows all the assortments down to the single log with the logging route network. Planning the work and the best driving route will be very simple.

If snow falls over the felled logs, the map makes it possible to find them without feeling around, so no logs are left behind in the forest.

Ville Hänninen
RV Hänninen Oy


TimberMatic Maps is a new way of visualizing a logging site. The application clarifies and improves the teamwork of the machines. The operators and contractor have a real-time view to the progress of the work site.

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TimberManager is the business owner’s view to the work site.

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