TimberManager. Never lose sight of the forest.

TimberManager is the business owner’s view to the work site.



Now we really know what is coming next and when.

Johnny Granvik
Granvikin Metsätyö Oy

The contractor can see exact information about the progress of the work site. TimberManager displays the information as cubic meters and as a percentage. The precise information about the volumes on the storage place makes it easier to plan the timber transports and improves the operation of the entire delivery process.

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If you are a customer of John Deere Forestry Ireland and have a JDLink account, you can now buy spare parts, accessories and merchandize and see electronic spare parts books and current offers from TimberManager Online Shop! It is open 24/7!


With TimberManager, the business's efficiency increases through reduction of unnecessary tasks.

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TimberMatic Maps gives operators a real-time production view to the logging site. The data collected by the harvester’s sensors and the precise GPS-based location of the felled timber, is automatically transmitted from the harvester to the TimberMatic Maps application for use by the forwarder operator. The data between the machines are updated through a cloud service, and all the operators working at the same work site can see all the tree species and assortments with the driving routes right down to the individual logs.