Purchase a combine harvester: Everything you need to know before your purchase

Combine harvesting straw

Purchase a combine harvester: Which options are available?

When you purchase a Combine in the UK, you have 3 financing options, Hire Purchase, Finance Lease and Operating Lease. Watch the following clip to learn more:

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Purchase a combine harvester with hire purchase

If you purchase your combine with hire purchase, you pay for it in regular payments to suit your business.

And this is how it works: at the start of the contract, you would make a down payment, which would include the full amount of VAT.  The balance of the amount financed would be paid at regular intervals, depending on the payment plan set up and agreed with you.  

The payment plan usually ranges between 1 and 7 years.  Once you have paid the last payment, you are the proud owner of a John Deere combine

Purchase a combine harvester with hire purchase – Your advantages at one glance:

  • individual payment plan
  • payments and interest rates during the entire duration of the contract
  • eligibility for a tax admissible depreciation 
  • use of the combine harvester without any usage restrictions
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Rent a combine harvester

Renting a combine harvester with operating lease, is an affordable and reliable financing option. 

In this case, you only pay for the use of the machine.  This results in lower monthly payments.  

At the beginning, you pay an upfront rental fee, followed by the rental payments which includes VAT.  At the end of the agreement, you simply return the combine harvester to John Deere. 

Simply put: Minimum Commitment with low interest rates.

Moreover, payments can be written off as direct operating expenses, reducing short term taxable income.


Contract Hire

Why not add a maintenance package?

Combining all the advantages of the operating lease, Contract Hire is the straightforward all-inclusive rental option.  Minimal commitment, lower monthly payments and a worry-free maintenance package in one fixed price agreement.

Purchase a combine harvester with hire purchase – Your advantages at one glance:

  • access to latest technology with short contract duration 
  • cost-effective option to fund the use of a machine 
  • a fixed low rental payment and fixed term
  • no future resale risk to you
  • fixed costs by choosing contract hire and adding a maintenance plan to your contract.
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Lease a combine harvester

Finance leasing a combine harvester is an attractive finance option with fixed repayments where the usage of the machinery is the primary focus, rather than ownership.

This financing solution incorporates business growth with the benefits of a balance-sheet-neutral investment.  While you cannot write off the combine from your balance sheet, you can offset the leasing rates from your tax return as operating expenses.

Leasing enables you to plan costs accurately, keep your operating costs manageable and enjoy full flexibility with the latest technology. This will help you improve your quality of work even further. Whether you want to grow your business or optimize your internal operations, leasing a combine harvester will give you the flexibility you need.

Lease a combine harvester – Your advantages at one glance:

  • increased flexibility and quality of work with current technology
  • better predictability through fixed maturities and interest rates
  • accurate cost planning
  • from a tax perspective, your leasing rates can be offset as operating expenses


John Deere combine harvester at the best price: Here’s why pre-ordering pays off

To get the best John Deere combine harvester price, you can pre-order your machine ahead of time to secure the best financing conditions. It also guarantees long-term interest rate security in an otherwise uncertain environment. Additionally, you gain a high level of predictability for the cost calculation of your business. 

Combine harvester financing: Why is it the right choice?

Combine harvester financing with John Deere Financial is as easy as steering your machines. Comfortable, flexible and perfectly suited to your budget and needs – from the first time you get in touch, to the end of your contract period. 

Our financing options are tailored to each customer. This not only allows you to plan more accurately, but also to access the current technologies and the resulting higher quality of work. 

How much does a combine harvester cost? 

How much a combine harvester costs depends on several factors, such as the choice of model or equipment. In addition, maintenance costs such as fuel, servicing, parts or accommodation are to be considered. Especially for smaller farms, it can be a genuine challenge to bear the costs of a new or additional combine harvester. 

Once you have decided on one of the financing options, you may wonder what the exact price is. The following covers what factors impact the price and which advantages financing your machinery had for your business.  

Combine harvester price: What are the key factors?

Aside from the model, the combine harvester price depends on these factors in particular:

  • Performance Class
  • Equipment
  • Accessories such as headers or corn heads
  • Special requirements
  • Maintenance costs

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Combine financing with John Deere Financial: Working with you – today, tomorrow and for generations

When you purchase a John Deere combine harvester, you're choosing the latest technology to get the job done more efficiently. Financing a combine harvester with John Deere Financial means having an all-round, worry-free partner on your side to make makes the purchase as smooth as possible.

If you're thinking about combine financing – think John Deere Financial.