S7. The New Digital Combines. Harvesting Future Insights


Groundbreaking predictive harvesting technology with S7 Combines

The new S7 pioneers a new moment in combine evolution.
Check out the new iconic styling, efficient JD X engine and cutting edge technology 
that will make your harvesting experience and results nothing short of spectacular.

Groundbreaking automation, effortless efficiency

Experience the breakthrough value you can gain from the technology innovations built into the S7. Its Predictive Ground Speed Automation and Harvest Settings Automation revolutionize harvest results. This allows to extract the full potential of the S7, delivering maximum efficiency and optimal crop quality with minimal manual intervention.


Premium Cab Technology

Thanks to a comprehensive technology and design transfer from our flagship X9, the S7 cab takes effective operation and comfort to a new level. Its all-new super-fast digital architecture facilitates 
seamless data transfer and features the brand-new, high-definition G5Plus CommandCenter screen.


New Engines with HarvestMotion™ and Harvest IPM

Designed and built by us, our new JD9X (S7 700) and JDX14 (S7 800, S7 850 &S7 900) engines feature unprecedented fuel efficiency, are Stage V compliant, and produce more horsepower when needed with Harvest IPM. Thanks to HarvestMotion™ technology, they deliver top productivity and efficiency at reduced engine speeds.

John Deere S7 combine harvester models

    These Combines deliver the next-level of harvest job quality and user experience.
    • 467 hp (344 kW) max. power (ECE R120)
    • 10,600 L grain tank
    • 150 l/s Unloading rate
    • 547 hp (402 kW) max. power (ECE R120)
    • 14,100 L (10,600 L for HM) grain tank
    • 150 l/s Unloading rate
    • 579 hp (426 kW) max. power (ECE R120)
    • 14,100 L (10,600 L for HM) grain tank
    • 150 l/s Unloading rate
    • 625 hp (460 kW) max. power (ECE R120)
    • 14,100 L (10,600 L for HM) grain tank
    • 150 l/s Unloading rate

Get Inspired!

Our S7 combines now all have the new advanced body styling and cab design we introduced with the X9. Watch the video and see the X9 in S-Series size.

Explore all of our Combines


X-Series (MY 2024): 100 Tonnes/h*

The modern combine re-imagined. It’s not about massive power. It’s about efficient design. Featuring the widest body of any combine on the market it takes performance to the next level.


S-Series (MY 2024): 75 Tonnes/h*

Its simple design, rugged construction and reliable performance are loved by farmers everywhere. The secret to the S-Series success is its gentle grain handling thanks to one of the largest single rotors on the market.


T-Series (MY 2024) : 50 Tonnes/h*

The largest separation area of any walker combine on the market. Its uniquely configured multi-drum threshing and separating system delivers unbeatable straw quality. For a compact combine, 
performance is off-the-scale.

*Throughput tests: X-Series - Profi field test, 10.2020 (www.profi.de)
                                S-Series - Internal field test conducted by John Deere in La Rochelle, France, 07.2021 and Aalborg, Denmark, 08.2021
                                T-Series - Profi field test, 10.2020 (www.profi.de)