#8 Reasons to buy now

#8 Reasons to buy now

Make your decision early and take advantage of one of the highest discounts available on combines this season!

W300/W400 Compact Combines

W300/W400 Compact Combines

Get the job done fast, when you decide: Our lightweight 5- and 6-walker combines deliver heavyweight performance within a compact format. The new cab with 3.30m² total volume sets the standard for this size class of combine.


W Series

The W-Series not only increases your productivity and efficiency but also gives you better quality grain and straw thanks to a host of smart details like large 660 mm threshing cylinder, sectional concave, 10 rasp bars and quick engage Booster Bar.

T Series

T Series

The T Series has it all: a smooth crop flow that’s gentler on grain and straw, the largest active separation area of any walker combine on the market with new Tangential Plus Separator and a spacious cab that sets new standards for comfort and convenience.

S700 Series

S700 Series: The Automated Combine

AUTOMATIC . . . The brand new S700 is the automated combine. It brings together all our experience as one of the world’s largest combine manufacturers. Developed with our engineers and customers working together, it’s a revolution in productivity, grain quality and lower losses.

x9: extreme testing

X9: Xtreme testing

Watch the latest highlights of the X9 global development program.  A true endurance test from the snow covered plains of North America to the windswept coast of the North Sea.

Two Combines




The Expert Check optimises your combine ready for the next harvest season. Our specially trained and certified Inspection Experts know which components require special attention – thanks to John Deere’s sophisticated tools developed from knowledge gathered from thousands of harvests.


We’ve invested in the biggest parts logistics network in the agriculture business. And with more machines in the field than any other manufacturer we hold more parts stock than anyone else. It all means we consistently deliver more than 97% of all orders within 24 hours.


We will provide a back-up machine if parts are delivered late. The difference is that we’ll take care of everything, not just pay a contractor. Our dealers have the right combines with the right size in reserve.


Factory trained experts at Certified dealers will provide professional driving training not just when you take delivery of your new combine, but they will be on-hand for refresher courses season after season.


Certified dealers have full-time, factory trained harvesting experts to set up your combine prior to the season. They’ll also visit you during the season to make sure your machine is always running at the optimum performance level.

*Eligible are all John Deere combines max. 7 years old, maintained in line with operator’s manual utilizing genuine parts only and EXPERT CHECK after season assessment with carried out subsequent repair work as recommended.