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High Definition Farming is Here

More than just a tractor: With the G5Plus CommandCenter™, the StarFire™ 7000 Receiver or StarFire™ Integrated Receiver, and JDLink™ Connectivity, our large tractors already have everything on board for your quick and effortless start into precision agriculture. Add the free of charge John Deere Operations Center™ and you are 100% equipped to step into the future of farming.


G5Plus CommandCenter™

Our new G5Plus CommandCenter™ is now 3.5x faster and includes AutoTrac™, Section Control, and Variable Rate Control - all crisply displayed on a 35% larger 1080p HD 12.8” touchscreen display with the Generation 4 interface you already know. You’ll also benefit from full AEF ISOBUS compatibility, JDLink™ Connectivity, Documentation, and Data Sync.


Cost effective Starfire™ Receiver

Work with more precision than ever when you use our StarFire™ 7000 Receiver. Its new StarFire™ RTK Satellite signal gives you 2.5cm pass-to-pass accuracy, over five years of precise repeatability, and rapid initialization to acquire full accuracy.


John Deere Operations Center™ free of charge

Connect your machines, operators, and fields. Plan your work and send job information directly to individual machines to eliminate in-field setup delays and mistakes. Create prescription maps and easily import data. In addition, dealer specialists are available to support you in enhancing your farming sustainability and profitability.


Professional Dealer Support

Equipped with extensive knowledge and 
experience, our dealers will be your reliable 
partners in helping you set up your systems 
and showing you how to use them. With 
your permission, they can also monitor your 
machines throughout the year and help you 
optimise performance.


Boost your yield and save more

Site-specific farming is a leap toward more profitability: it will save you real money on fuel, fertiliser, and crop protection products
while you produce higher yields, by applying precisely the right amount of care products where needed.
The technology in our large tractors makes it easy to get started at any time.


1-Click-Go-AutoSetup makes it seamless

1-Click-Go-AutoSetup takes the stress out of everything you need to do. Conveniently schedule work tasks in the John Deere Operations Center™ and send them wirelessly to the tractor. Your pre-planned work tasks automatically appear on the G5/ G5Plus CommandCenter™ when the tractor with JDLink™ connectivity enters the field. Confirm the details with one click and the job is done the way you want it.


Your tractor is always up-to-date

With John Deere tractors, you are connected with JDLink™ right from the start and from then on. You obtain proactive dealer support thanks to remote servicing and operator support and receive regular over-the-air software upgrades to ensure your tractor always has the latest updates throughout its entire lifecycle.


“John Deere offers 
advanced guidance,
ISOBUS and precision 
farming solutions” 1




1TREKKER 09/2023



“AutoSetup .... 
takes the stress out 
for everyone.” 2




2agrarheute 1/2023 (www.agrarheute.com)


“Usually, there are 3 updates 
per year (wirelessly!). The 
tractor downloads the 
software in the background. 
Afterwards, the installation 
takes about 30 minutes.” 3



3 TOP AGRAR 09/2023

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2Benchmark; trail VISTA iDünger
3According to a study conducted in the USA and Brazil