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NEW – 1- Click work planner

Cut set-up times in the field by up to 90%!  AutoSetup is a simple to use tool that helps you plan all your main operations: tillage, seeding, spraying, fertilising and harvesting.

NEW – AutoPath automatic guidance lines

NEW – AutoPath automatic guidance lines

Unique to the agricultural industry AutoPath automatically creates guidance lines for your entire field from actual planted rows, eliminating crop damage.

Digital Fieldbook

Digital Fieldbook

Now you can add all your completed work jobs directly in our app, where it’s securely stored in one place and easily accessible from any device at anytime.



Directly import documentation-data from Claas, Case IH, New Holland, Fendt Vario, CCI or Kverneland terminals and view it all conveniently in one single location.


Multi-make data transfer

Thanks to the DataConnect common standard you can now view real-time data for Case, Claas, New Holland and Steyr machines in the John Deere Operations Center.

Save Time

Plan your work in advance and send the job information directly to the individual machines.
No delays setting up in the field and no mistakes due to misunderstanding or lack of information.

Save Time


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Digital Fieldbook. Now you can add all your completed work jobs directly in our app


Now you can say goodbye to pen and paper and store all your farming data safely and securely in the Operations Center. Simply add completed work directly into the Operations Center to create your own digital fieldbook, accessible from any device – smartphone, tablet or desktop – wherever you are. What’s more, you can view data for each season for easy comparisons and track the performance of your entire operation.



Record everything

Fieldbook stores information on the operator, machine, field, customer, crop variety. Chemicals, implement and time and date…and much more.


Personalise your view

View data for each season in a list and using the filters for farm, field, product and variety, choose what’s the best layout for you.


Easily share data

Share data in other file formats – Shapefile, PDF or, XLSX – so partners can help you with analysis.


Never lose anything

Find files in seconds thanks to the easy to use search tool.


Analyse performance

Compare machine performance and analyse field data over the seasons for better long-term agronomic decision-making.

AutoSetup work planning tool



AutoSetup is a new cloud based work planner that can reduce set-up times in the field by up to 90%. 

Accessible either via the John Deere Operations Center mobile app or internet portal, this easy-to-use planner allows managers to set-up jobs in advance and send them wirelessly to any JDLink connected machine.  All the operator has to do is press confirm as soon as they arrive in the field and they can start work straight away. No mistakes. No delays.


ISOBUS Compatible

Configuring some complex planting machines requires up to 60 display clicks which would take a considerable amount of time for the operator. Now the pre-planned job automatically appears on the cab display when the machine enters the field.  AutoSetup also works with ISOBUS compatible implements and the data is stored on the Operations Center for future use.


Manage your machines from anywhere

AutoSetup supports all common jobs from tillage and seeding to spraying, fertilising and harvesting. It gives you the freedom to plan your business from your home, office or wherever you are. You can also recall jobs year after year, simplifying record-keeping and documentation.


Compatible with older machines

If you’re running an existing John Deere machine, AutoSetup is backwards compatible. What’s more it’s free. Just ask your dealer for a demonstration and start saving time in the field today.

Manage Machines

Check the location and status of your machines in real-time. Know when a job is finished, what yield was harvested and more. The Operations Center will cut down on phone calls and put you in control.

Manage Machines

Manage Machines


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MACHINE SYNC – SPFH and tractors

Safer and faster unloading

The latest Generation 4 version of Machine Sync has been extended from combines to allow both a tractors and an SPFH to act as the lead machine. 

Machine Sync wirelessly connects two machines together and allows one machine to take overall control (lead machine) and synchronise its movements with the other when in range.  Up until now it’s been used for unloading combine harvesters on the go. The harvester acts as the lead machine, automatically controlling the movements of the tractor pulling the trailer or grain cart.  

This software upgrade creates new possibilities for safer and stress-free unloading.  SPFH drivers can use Machine Sync to fill trailers on either the left or right side of the machine or directly from behind.  Machine Sync also reduces crop spillage and potential collisions when there is poor visibility. It’s a real benefit if you’re using seasonal workers who are less experienced.

In addition, Machine Sync can now be used during the harvest of other direct cut specialty crops such as potatoes, carrots or onions.  The tractor pulling the harvesting equipment is can safely and accurately unloads directly into the trailer pulled by the second tractor.


Clearer Grain Tank Status

In response to customer feedback the grain tank fill level is now displayed as a percentage. Machine Sync automatically shares the information from up to six combines with other machines in the workgroup.  This makes it easier for tractor drivers to get their grain carts to the right combine at the right time and improves harvest logistics.

MACHINE SYNC – SPFH and tractors

Supports Controlled Traffic Farming

For operations using controlled traffic farming the machine following can track the same guidance line as the lead machine. The lead machine can nudge the speed of the following machine back and forward for perfect unloading whilst keeping it firmly on the same tracks.

Smarter Decisions

You’ll make better and more informed decisions with the Operations Center. Machine and implement data is collected in real-time so you can quickly see what’s happening and take the right actions for your business.

Smarter Decisions


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AutoPath automatic guidance lines

Simplified guidance line management


AutoPath automatically creates guidance lines for different width machines based on data gathered by the first pass of a strip till implement or planter.  It takes charge of your guidance line management, protecting nutrient investment and helping you make each pass with confidence and precision.

To use AutoPath the strip till rig or planter must be fitted with a StarFire receiver.  When the implement makes its first pass through the field the actual row guidance lines are automatically recorded and guidance lines are then accurately calculated for the entire field.  


Use different width implements with confidence

If you are using different width implements for planting, spraying or harvesting AutoPath ensures the tyres will always follow the planted rows and stay off the crop.  When harvesting, the combine will always be guided to the correct starting point and the guidance lines will be automatically calculated based on the width of the header. It also lets you plant your rows where you can take full advantage of the best nutrient levels.


Ensure accurate row spacing

When used with AutoTrac implement guidance, AutoPath is even more powerful. The implement mounted StarFire receiver automatically ensure the tractor is steered to provide accurate row spacing even on sloping fields and around curves.  This data is then used for subsequent operations such as spraying or harvesting with the machine following the evenly spaced rows.

Share Intelligence

Share documentation data with your customers so they can better understand their businesses and know what work you have completed. The Operations Center strengthens customer relationships with greater transparency and helps improve their long-term business performance.

Share Intelligence


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ISOXML Import. Directly import documentation-data from other machine brands.


If you have a multi-brand fleet you can still benefit from all the features of the Operations Center thanks to ISOXML documentation data import. You can directly import documentation data from Claas, Case IH, New Holland, Fendt Vario, CCI, Kverneland terminals and more into the Operations Center. Stored conveniently in one single location it makes managing your entire operation a lot easier!

Displays compatible with the Operations Center
Case IH
New Holland
Precision Planting


NEW – Multi-make data sharing

DataConnect, the common standard for data sharing between different makes of machine, is now live. Data from 365FarmNet as well as Claas machines equipped with telematics can be imported automatically into the John Deere Operations Center. Operators with multi-make fleets will welcome the changes as instead of using several different platforms for machine monitoring they can just use the Operations Center.

DataConnect lets you view the following information:

  • Location (current and previous)
  • Fuel level
  • Speed
  • Work status

All you have to do is add your Class machines to your Operations Center account.  You do not need to make any changes to your machines as the data is automatically transferred.  What’s more, DataConnect is free!

DataConnect is being developed as a common data standard for the agricultural industry and is open to any manufacturer. We hope to make further announcements in future to include other manufacturers as well as the exchange of agronomic data for applications such as yield mapping.

Service Customers

Your local dealer can help with setting up the Operations Center and provide long-term support through a FarmSight service package. Why not talk to your dealer about your business challenges and see how they can help you deliver improvements to your business efficiency.

Service Customers


The John Deere Operations Center is ...



Forward documentation data to another Operations Center user, import documentation data from any manufacturer that uses the ISOXML standard, or share data wirelessly from Claas Telematics, AFS Connect (Case IH), MyPLM Connect (New Holland) and S-Fleet (Steyr) machines. The Operations Center is designed as an information hub, that makes data



Your local dealer has trained Operations Center specialists who can help you get the best from this powerful tool and spend time setting it up to suit your specific needs. They’ll be able to help with training your people, planning jobs, monitoring and optimising machine performance, analysing data and more.



You have total control of your data at all times. You can decide what data you want to share and with whom, which is particularly useful when collaborating with partners or advisors.  It’s also reassuring to know that your data is securely protected using the same high security systems as online banking.

Explore the Benefits

Track Jobs & Send data wirelessly

Track Jobs

Is seeding finished already and is the machine on its way to the next field? With the Operations Center app, you can check your machines in near real-time, saving thousands of phone calls and giving you extra time for more important tasks.

Send data wirelessly

Can I stop using a memory stick to save data from my machines? Documentation data is now forwarded automatically to the Operations Center wirelessly in near real-time - even for non-John Deere ISOBUS implements. It makes documentation easier with no USB stick required!

Manage machines & Share field data

Manage machines

Where are my machines and are they ready to work? The Operations Center app shows you the location of each machine, its location history and the current fuel-level, as well as active diagnostic alert codes.

Share field data

Do I need to be in the office to see detailed documentation maps? Not anymore. You can see them in the app in near real time, even from non-John Deere ISOBUS implements. You can even directly export the details from the app to print or forward to share with your trusted partner.

Analyse fields instantly & Make smarter decisions

Analyse fields instantly

Did the new wheat variety produce a better yield?… How do my yields compare from field to field? The Operations Center app automatically sorts and displays all your field and crop information, making it easier than ever before to make fact-based decisions.

Make smarter decisions

How well did the last nitrogen treatment work?… Was the new chemical treatment effective?…Did the new seed variety perform better than the previous year? You can compare the yields of your fields using a filter function to help you make more informed decisions for next year’s harvest.

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1. Create your free account on MyJohnDeere.com

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Download Operations Center app

2. Download Operations Center app

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Ask your dealer for advice on setting-up

3. Ask your dealer for advice on setting-up

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