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Tailor-made to your requirements.

If we have learnt anything from our decades of experience in the urban and commercial landscaping industry, then it’s this: The diverse requirements in the areas of park maintenance, sports field and golf course maintenance and gardening require machines that are adapted to them. That’s why we offer you a wide range of products from several series of machines – each with numerous options that you can adapt to meet your individual requirements.

From the compact 5E with 55HP to the multi-talented 6R Series tractors – with us you are guaranteed to find a machine that is tailor-made to your requirements. Interested?

Then keep reading!

The master of urban and commercial landscaping - 5 series

The master of urban and commercial landscaping The master of urban and commercial landscaping
A suitable solution for every requirement: Our 5 Series tractors are true leaders in urban and commercial landscaping. Compared to speciality machines, these multi-functional tractors score highly for their versatility, cost effectiveness and extensive additional features for tailor-made, all-year use.

5E-s narrow width and small turning radius make it the first choice when working in confined spaces.

Thanks to the driving platform design you can have an optimum view of the rear and other attachments and can control these with precision. The rear PTO with clutch is ideally suited for mowers and mulchers and other attachments with high power requirements.

5E Series Tractors

5G, 5GF and 5GV: Nimble, versatile, powerful
The versatile and light 5G models are impressive wherever space is at a premium. Thanks to its compact external dimensions, the 5GF and 5GV communal tractors are efficient “clearance specialists” on foot and cycle paths – both in winter and summer. The impressive hoisting power of the tractors enables you to use fairly heavy clearance and sweeping combinations.

5G Series Tractors
5GF Series Tractors
5GV Series Tractors

The 5M high powered tractor: where strength and comfort matter

The 5M high powered tractor: where strength and comfort matter The 5M high powered tractor: Where strength and comfort matter
The 5M is a high powered tractor for intensive year-round use, for example, for mowing large areas. Its spacious Comfort Cab with all-round glazing to the rear not only offers you a pleasant working environment but also means you can see your rear attachments without any obstructions.

With its cool 36 kN lift capacity, the 5M makes light work of heavy attachments. Using the optional electrohydraulic hitch operation control you can make fast, smooth and accurate hitch corrections.
For specialised work in low speed ranges, such as mulching slopes and ditches, we also offer a crawling gear reduction with 32 gears for the transmission. A perfect finish is the result.
5M Series Tractors

6MC/6RC Series: Efficiency and productivity in a compact design

6030 Series: the formula for fun and productivity 6MC/RC Series: Efficiency and productivity in a compact design
The new 6MC/RC Series offer proven reliability with modern design and outstanding features in a compact and versatile tractor.
With the stable, full frame in all 6familiy tractors the engine and transmission are hardly exposed to any strain at all. Employ heavy front and rear working attachments in the Duo and Trio combination as easily as flail verge and embankment mowers.
The 6MC/RC Series tractors always demonstrate a balance between impressive work performance and outstanding comfort for instance through the optional crawler gear on the TLS PLus front axle suspension.

6MC/RC Series Tractors

The 6M, with an M as in more value

The 6M, with an M as in more value The 6M, with an M as in more value
Compact and robust with a 6M does not have "short wheelbase" for increased mobility in urban and commercial landscaping. Or greater driving stability on the road and on slopes with a long wheelbase. Our 6M Series tractors give you the option of choosing between three different wheelbase sizes.
As well as that, the 6M has a lot more to offer, such as an optional crawler gear to get the best results when grass mulching.

6M Tractors

The 6R tractors: the choice is yours!

The 6M, with an M as in more valueThe 6R tractors: the choice is yours!
If you look for a maximum of comfort and productivity the 6R tractors and the right choice.
With a wide range of options like stepless AutoPwr transmissions, the HCS Plus cab suspension, CommandArm controls and much more your long working days will feel much shorter and your productivity is higher.
The spacious and comfortable cab with the integrated user-friendly GreenStar 3 CommandCenter will make you more efficient and provide you superb comfort - all day long.
 The 6R series is available from 105 up to 210HP in nine different models - which one is your perfect match?

6R Tractors