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Whoever drives a John Deere succeeds.

If we have learnt anything from our decades of experience in the forestry industry and in wood and hedge maintenance, then it‘s this: the diverse requirements of forestry and wood maintenance require machines that have been adapted to them. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of products from several series of machines – each with numerous options that you can adapt to meet your individual requirements.

From the compact 5 Series Tractors with 40HP to the 8360R premium tractor with a maximum power output of a massive 409 HP. From our perfect all-rounders in the 5 Series to the extra robust, soil-protecting 8R/9RT Series crawlers – with us you‘re guaranteed to find a machine that is tailor-made to your requirements. Interested?

Then keep reading!

5 Series tractors: The little ones among the giants

5 Series tractors: The little ones among the giants 5 Series tractors: The little ones among the giants
A suitable solution for every requirement: our 5 Series tractors score points in wood maintenance and forestry due to their versatility, cost effectiveness and extensive additional attachments for tailor-made use at any time of year.

5E: small, but powerful
Let‘s start off with the 5E 3-cylinder, which is cut out for maintaining hedges and for haulage work in forests. Its slim width and narrow turning radius make it the first choice for working in a narrow space.

5E Series Tractors

5G: versatile and agile
The versatile and light G models, with widths of 2.0 m (5G), 1.25-1.50 m (5GF) and 1-1.30 m (5GV), are impressive if you are short on space and need to protect the soil. Whereas other tractors sit right down on the ground, the 5GH model provides up to 78 cm of ground clearance. Like other models from the 5 Series, the G models have a 540/540E PTO.

5G Series Tractors
5GF Series Tractors
5GV Series Tractors

5M Series: where strength and comfort matter

5M & 5R Series: where strength and comfort matter 5M Series: Where strength and comfort matter
Are you looking for a tractor that has even more power but is still easy to operate and extremely versatile? Then our 5M is your match. The 5M is a high-performance tractor for intensive year-round use, for hedge shearing, timber chopping or logging. Thanks to the 36 kN rear lifting capacity, the compact tractor can even cope with staggeringly heavy attachments. With its robust short frame, it supports a payload of up to 2.4 t.

5M Series Tractors

The 6M, with an M as in more value

The 6M, with an M as in more value The 6M, with an M as in more value
Compact and robust with a short wheelbase for increased mobility in urban and commercial landscaping. Or greater driving stability on the road and on slopes with a long wheelbase. Our 6M Series tractors give you the option of choosing between three different wheelbase sizes.

Apart from that, the 6M has a lot more to offer, such as an optional crawler gear to get the best results for forestry mulching.

The 6RE: The mobile power source
In rough forestry environments it is easy for a welding seam to split or a metal part to break off an attachment or timber carriers. With our 6RE this doesn‘t mean the end of the world, as this „travelling generator” produces electricity for both electrical attachments as well as stationary applications.

6M Tractors
6R Tractors

7R: Even more in one machine

7R – Even more in one machine 7R: Even more in one machine
A maximum power of up to 227 kW (308 HP) with Intelligent Power Management speaks for itself. Our 7R Series tractors deliver. Whether it‘s for energy-sapping PTO work with a wood mulcher or quick transport trips with a fully laden transporter, with the AutoPowr transmission you can work flexibly and fuel-efficiently at any speed from 0 to 50 km/h without having to use the clutch once. All you need to do is select the desired speed, and the AutoPowr transmission keeps to this constant speed and adjusts to varying load levels.

8R/8RT: Tractors of the highest class

8R/8RT: Tractors of the highest class 8R/8RT: Tractors of the highest class
The 8R/8RT Series machines represent the highest level in first-class John Deere tractors for forestry work. With yet more power and an even wider range of fittings.

The Intelligent Power Management provides the 8R/8RT tractors with additional power, up to a maximum of 301 kW (409 HP). The increased efficiency has its advantages, for instance for heavy haulage work on sloping ground or for travelling uphill with a grapple clamp. For heavy forestry attachments such as wood chippers and wood mulchers, the 8R/8RT is the most suitable with its optimal PTO.

John Deere front-loaders for John Deere tractors

John Deere front-loaders for John Deere tractors John Deere front-loaders for John Deere tractors
Green plus green – what sounds like colour theory equation is actually one of John Deere‘s formulae for success. This is because we have not just designed our front-loaders specifically for our tractors, but designed them so they are perfectly adapted to your tractor. All basic functions, such as the joystick, are integrated. This guarantees smooth operation and the highest possible level of comfort for you. Our front-loaders are also extremely robust. So you can use the hydraulic power of your machine to the max.