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John Deere RTK Solutions


  • Perfect repeatability
  • High level of accuracy
  • Fast Signal Connection
  • Radio RTK and Mobile RTK*
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    John Deere RTK Solutions


    If high precision farming is your business, you need the best possible guidance solution: AutoTrac and RTK (Real Time Kinematic)

    The RTK signal combines with the AutoTrac system to provide all the benefits of stationary measurements including the elimination of GPS drift. As a result, it is the most precise guidance solution we offer, and what's more; It's repeatable.

    While standard GPS signals are suitable for tillage, planting and pre-emergence spraying, John Deere´s AutoTrac teamed with RTK makes easy work of application where accuracy is very important such as bedding up, row crop planting or cultivation.

    Radio RTK
    Radio RTK works with a static local base station in or near your field, it monitors the constellation of GPS satellites and continually calculates the position. It transmits corrections to the StarFire receiver on the RTK equipped vehicle.
    Mobile RTK
    Mobile RTK: In addition to the satellite GPS signal, mobile RTK correction data is sourced from a countrywide pool of existing base stations, so you don´t need your own. A centrally located server calculates the correction signal, which is then transmitted to the vehicle equipped with a John Deere Mobile RTK modem via the mobile phone network.



    * Mobile RTK is an additional RTK technology available in selected countries