iGrade™Precision Ag Technology

  • Reliable performance in rough weather and low-visibility conditions (dust, fog)
  • Simplifies land-levelling for enhanced water management with plane control, grade control, crossslope compensation, and ditch creation
  • Advanced terrain management solutions are available using the software of our partner T3RRA
  • Larger signal range than with laser systems
  • Allows multiple machines to work in differentplanes at the same time
  • +/- 4.2 cm vertical pass-to-pass corrections

Land-Levelling Made Ready

John Deere iGrade™ is the ideal way to plane or level your land accurately. Unlike delicate laser systems, this RTK-based system works reliably in poor visibility and rough weather conditions – even at night. To ensure the highest vertical precision, our StarFire™ 6000 receivers are compatible with GPS and GLONASS satellites. On top of those constellations, our StarFire™ 7000 receivers are compatible with Galileo and Beidou. Whether you’re making constant slopes for draining or perfectly levelled planes for speciality crops, you can rely on iGrade™ to perform smoothly and accurately every time.

Full automation

Full automation

The system fully automates scraper blades while calculator tools assist operators in designing slopes and setting directions. In combination with the T3RRA Cutta™ software from our partner T3RRA, iGrade™ allows for professional planning of levelling and even optimised routing.

*Available in selected countries

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture Technology

Discover how different John Deere Precision Agriculture Technology can support you across a wide range of your farming operations.

* Available in selected countries