AutoTrac TIMPrecision Ag Technology

  • Fully integrated AutoTrac™ retrofit solution
  • Use of AutoTrac™ on machines from other manufacturers
  • No need for additional steering wheel or controller components

The implement controls the tractor

Tractor Implement Management (TIM) is a bidirectional communication, i.e., an exchange in which data flows in both directions. That way, the advantages of the entire system, e.g., consisting of a tractor and implement, are employed. That means: With the help of TIM, an implement can automatically control certain functions of the tractor - for example, the driving speed or the control valves. The implement thus optimises its operation itself and gives control commands to the tractor.

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture Technology

Discover how different John Deere Precision Agriculture Technology can support you across a wide range of your farming operations.

* John Deere 400R fixed chamber balers and 900 Series round balers no longer need a separate implement-specific baler automation activation. John Deere F441R, V451R and V461R round balers feature this capability in the base configuration. 900 Series balers can easily be upgraded by your dealer back to model year 2012. All that is required to make it a plug and play solution is the Tractor Implement Automation Activation, which comes in the base configuration with GreenStar and AutoTrac Ready 6R tractors since model year 2016.