AutoTrac™ VisionPrecision Ag Technology

  • Camera based steering in fields planted w/o guidance lines
  • Reduced crop damage
  • Faster working speeds of up to 30 km/h
  • Cover 20% more hectares per day

Guidance without guidance lines

AutoTrac Vision uses a front-mounted camera on the roof of the tractor or self-propelled sprayer cab to see early-season corn or grain that’s at least 10 cm high. The unique fusion of a camera image and auto-generated A-B lines ensures that even in spots where the camera is unable to detect distinctive crop rows, you can rely on the system to guide the machine. AutoTrac Vision will even work with a slurry tanker in early-season corn, as soon as the plants are at least 20 cm high.

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture Technology

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*Only available for John Deere R4023, R4030, R4038, R4045, R4630, R4730, R4830 and R4930