AutoPathPrecision Ag Technology

  • Automatically manages guidance lines for different width implements throughout the crop year, from strip till to harvest
  • Reduces crop damage as machines always stay off planted rows
  • Saves set-up time by creating guidance lines for standing crops
  • Let’s you accurately harvest down crops even when you can’t see the rows

How it works

During strip till or planting, an implement-mounted StarFire receiver records the exact location of each crop row. This data is automatically stored in the John Deere Operations Center and is used by AutoPath to create accurate guidance lines for every crop row which can be used by other operations throughout the rest of the season. These guidance lines cover external boundaries, internal boundaries, headlands, and crop rows.

ThumbnailJohn Deere S700

The benefits

If you are using different width implements for planting, fertilising, spraying or harvesting, AutoPath™ ensures the tyres will always follow the planted rows for all future operations. You will also accurately plant on top of the strip till pass to maximise yield. When harvesting the machine will be guided to the correct starting point with guidance lines automatically calculated for the header width. Harvesting in down crop is easy as well because the machine knows exactly where the rows are.

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture Technology

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