Active Fill ControlPrecision Ag Technology

  • Automatic trailer filling
  • Safe, reliable harvesting without spillage
  • Maximum operator comfort
  • Total all-day harvest efficiency

Stress-free forage harvesting

Imagine how much easier things would be if the spout of your forage harvester was controlled automatically. As an operator you could relax while ensuring optimal fill and avoiding any crop spillage. You could fully concentrate on general machine operation and settings for optimum overall performance.    



John Deere Active Fill Control (AFC) utilises a stereo camera to control the rotation and flap position of the spout automatically. The system can actively track transport vehicles and aim the crop from the best position to execute a desired fill strategy. It automatically fills trailers to maximum capacity while allowing the operator to focus on productivity-related tasks such as machine optimisation. Active Fill Control can also adjust spout positioning automatically in rear-unload conditions when e.g. opening a new field.

* requires StarFire™ receiver

Intelligent filling for higher productivity

Active Fill Control (AFC) uses camera-based technology to boost productivity by minimising spillage and reducing operator stress and fatigue.

Once Active Fill Control (AFC) is engaged, it detects the trailer’s edges and senses the trailer’s fill level to execute a fill strategy that results in an even fill.

Thanks to LED spout lights, all this can happen in all conditions, from darkness to dust, rain or shade.

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