Machine SyncPrecision Ag Technology

  • Wirelessly connects multiple machines - tractors, combines, and SPFH in their own network. One machine acts as the ‘Leader’, controlling the speed, direction and position of the ‘Followers’.
  • Ensures precise and spill-free unloading in all conditions

  • Reduces the risk of machine collisions
  • Boosts your harvest efficiency thanks to automated on-the-go unloading

Combine to Tractor

Machine Sync allows harvest operators to connect up to 6 machines with their own wireless network. The combine acts as the Leader, synchronising the speed of the tractor and its direction for precision unloading on the go. The combine driver can nudge the tractor back and forth to ensure even loading of the grain cart. Individual combines in the same workgroup can also share their Grain Tank Fill-level and Unloading Auger Status with the tractors for better harvest logistics and coordinated unloading.

SPFH to Tractor

SPFH to Tractor

Machine Sync sets up a ‘U’ shaped zone around the SPFH which is particularly useful for direct-load harvesting operations where a tractor and silage wagon need to be within close proximity to the harvester at all times. The SPFH can control the speed of tractors from the right, rear or left for spill-free unloading. The ability to control two tractors simultaneously also facilitates better handover from one silage wagon to the next and reduces crop spillage.

Tractor to Tractor

Tractor to Tractor

Machine Sync is a great solution when using pull-type harvesting machines for speciality crops such as potatoes or onions. The lead tractor can coordinate the movements of the unloading tractor for safe unloading. That’s essential in operations where the unloading wagon has to be close to the harvester. Machine Sync ensures a consistent distance between machines throughout the unloading sequence and prevents potentially damaging collisions.

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture Technology

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