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John Deere G-Series has been launched

John Deere G-Series forwarders

Take a closer look at the characteristics of John Deere S-series forwarders.

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Forwarder 810E

Small forwarders load rating 9 tonnes

Small forwarders have a load rating of 9 tonnes. They are at their best in thinning operations, but can also be used in final felling.

Medium forwarders

Medium forwarders load rating 12-15 tonnes

Medium forwarders with a load rating of 12-15 tonnes and a variety of load space options. Incredibly versatile, they are available in 6- or 8-wheel versions and boom lengths and can be used in later thinning as well as final felling.

Large Forwarders

Large forwarder load rating 19 tonnes

The largest forwarder in the family have a load rating of 19 tonnes. These forwarders are powerful and efficient and best suited for difficult terrain and long distances.