• The smallest G-Series forwarder
  • FT4-engine John Deere 4045
  • Several options for accessories
Forest machine booms in a row

Powerful XE-extension

The XE-extension is a single extension and jib boom with external hosing for CF5, CF7 and CF7S 8,5 m booms of the small and mid-size forwarders. 


Timber in good order


Sorters make it easy to sort the timber in the forwarder’s load area. Sorters are easy to use. The tiltable sorters can be quickly tilted with the grapple. The sorters stand about 20 cm high when vertical and about 10 cm when tilted.

With TimberMatic Maps, the different assortments can be highlighted with different colors by marking them as favourites. This together with the sorters, helps to separate the assortments and to build the load already sorted which speeds up the unloading considerably. 


Harvester in the forest

Product program

Product Program wheeled cut-to-length

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