• Precise and efficient boom control
  • Strong and powerful FT4 engine
  • 4.1% more torque
  • Clear and simple electrical system

1110G with the long bogie is really very stable machine.

Pietu Alapiha
Operator, Forest-Linna Oy, Finland

1110G forwarder with precise boom control

1110G is the latest version of this mid-size forwarder. The machine’s FT4 engine meets the latest emissions regulations, and the machine has many other additions and improvements compared to its predecessor.

The engine output and torque have been increased. The 1110G’s engine has about 6.5% more power and 4.1% more torque than the 1110E’s IT4 engine. The better coupling of the powerful diesel engine with the power train results in a clear improvement in performance.

The system is switched on and off with the press of a button.

The system dampens the cylinder end movements softly and stops strong blow-like loads in the end positions, making for smoother operation and also improving the boom’s durability.