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  • Improved boom control
  • New generation headboard – enhanced durability and visibility
  • Increased cross-sectional area of 4,7m² for the wide load space option
  • More power and torque with bigger work pump
Load rating13000 kg
Boom reach7,2/8,5/10 m
Engine power195 hp
Tractive effort175 kN

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Stronger performance and long term durability

The 1210E IT4 forwarder features improvements to the engine, cabin ergonomics, control system, frames and structures, powertrain and boom.

The new 1210E IT4 is equipped with forest-tough bogie axles, V-groove axle mounts, frames and a middle joint for exceptional uptime throughout the machine lifetime.

New larger 160 cm³ work pump, larger drive motor with 195 hp together with improved boom control ensure your productivity day in day out.

IT4 forwarders feature a new more durable headboard design that significantly improves the operator’s visibility to the load area. The cross-sectional area in 1210E IT4 can be increased to 4,7 m² for the wide load space option.

With the new John Deere 6068 PowerTech Plus, turbo-charged, charge air cooled, 6-cylinder, 6.8L engine, the 1210E is the perfect choice for those looking for high productivity in a compact machine class. The new IT4 features, aligned to the unrivalled operator environment and intelligent control systems make the 1210E a popular choice in the forests of the UK & Ireland.




Boom handling and load space

Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) –a long-awaited breakthrough in forwarder technology makes the boom operation easy, accurate and fast. The operator now controls directly the boom tip instead of controlling each independent boom joint movement.  

Smooth Boom Control (SBC) – is a new standard control system feature which enhances the boom precision of the E-series forwarders and reduces vibration. SBC makes the operator’s work easier, loading faster and boosts the machine productivity.


VLS load space consists of three special bunks with telescopic stakes which can be extended hydraulically..

The head board moves in both horizontal and vertical directions and extends when the load stakes.