8RX 410Tractor

  • 443 hp (326 kW) Max Power (ECE-R120) + 15 hp (11 kW)
  • 9.0 l engine with 6 cylinders
  • 18.7 t and 3,235 m wheelbase
  • New bigger and more comfortable CommandView Cab with new level of visibility
First in Reliability

First in Reliability

The all-new John Deere eAutoPowr is the first electromechanical splitpath IVT available for the 8R/RT/RX 410 tractor. The infinitely variable transmission provides maximum reliability and durability. Seamless shifting with solid state power electronics delivering instant torque for the smoothest ride even in the most challenging applications.

The liquid-cooled, brushless electric motor-generators in the new eAutoPowr are entirely maintenance-free. Replacing hydro modules with electric components greatly reduces wear parts, simplifies the design, and improves the overall transmission life. Electric drive components and new sensors reduce the need for special diagnostic tests by 1/3 and reduce 20% of the procedures requiring special tools or equipment.

100.000 customer equivalent test hours through the development process guarantee the best in class reliability.

Electrification makes the Difference

Electrification makes the Difference

To create the new eAutoPowr transmission, the hydraulic pump and motor used in the AutoPowr transmission were replaced with two electric motor-generators. One generator is directly connected to the diesel engine and powers the second motor-generator which precisely controls the tractor speed. One electrical and 4 mechanical gears guarantee the most efficient power transfer to the wheels. This results in a most durable and reliable stepless transmission with the proven efficiency and ride comfort of AutoPowr™. The best stepless transmission John Deere has ever designed!

Electric Power Generation

Electric Power Generation

eAutoPowr allows offboarding of up to 100 kW 480 V AC for external consumers via an optional AEF outlet socket. This electric power can be used e.g. to power drive axles from implements. Electrically driven axles provide a significant increase in traction, a reduction of wheel slip and prevention of ballasting. This enables a higher area output by using much wider incorporation tools for lower application costs per hectare, paired with a higher soil protection.

Pull more with less

Pull more with less

Working in partnership with Joskin, we have developed a slurry tanker with an electric motor, which drives 4 of the 6 wheels – for a total of 8 driven wheels in this combination. The tractor no longer has to pull the entire load, as the trailer is pushing too, utilizing the weight of the slurry and the tanker for additional traction. The result is you can use a much lighter tractor to pull bigger loads or to climb up steeper hills – reducing soil compaction, saving fuel and increasing productivity.


8RX Series. Unstoppable


If minimum soil disturbance is a priority for you, there is no way around the 8RX. It’s ideal for difficult side-hill terrain and soil types. Plus you’ll benefit from maximum operating windows.

The bold design of the 8R/RT/RX Series tractors announces what they’re all about: pulling power that stops for nothing and technology that moves modern farming forward.

8r tractor


So much space, so little noise, such luxury. Pure passion for detail. Welcome to the new 8R cab, bigger and even more comfortable than ever.

Inside Cab View