PowerGard Protection plans: Get covered

When you protect your equipment with a PowerGard Protection plan*, your business has the steady machine uptime and nonstop peak performance it needs to thrive.


8 Years/
8,000 Hours**


5 Years/
2,000 Hours


5 Years/
2,500 Hours


5 Years/
5,000 Hours


6 Years/
1,500 Hours

Lawn Mowers

5 Years/
2,500 Hours

Decide - What's best for you?

Decide - What's best for you?

Protect your investment with a PowerGard Protection plan* that covers the components that put power to the ground. Take that coverage even further with a PowerGard Protection Plus plan to add engine auxiliaries, electrical system, hydraulic system, and operator’s station to the coverage.


PowerGard Protection

PowerGard Protection

Protect yourself and get your peace of mind with a PowerGard Protection plan. It protects key components that put power to the ground and keep you moving. So the most complex and expensive components of your machine (engine, drive train, steering and frame) are covered.

PowerGard Protection Plus

PowerGard Protection Plus

PowerGard Protection Plus plans provide comprehensive coverage of almost all components*** for total peace of mind.

Comparison: PowerGard Protection and Protection Plus




Steering and Brakes





Operator station




Finance your PowerGard Protection plan at competitive rates, with flexible payments

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about PowerGard agreements and contracts:

Who do I purchase PowerGard from?

PowerGard is sold only through John Deere dealers.

Can I buy PowerGard anytime?

PowerGard is an extended warranty for new machines which needs to be ordered within 28 days of taking delivery of the equipment.

How do I know that my dealer did in fact purchase PowerGard on my behalf?

PowerGard mails copies of the contract and coverage forms to you after PowerGard has been purchased. If you don’t receive these materials , it may be that you address was incorrect, or that the dealer did not submit complete documentation.

I do not understand the coverage on my tractor. I wanted 3 years, but my contract only shows one more year!

If PowerGard is purchased while in warranty, the contract will include basic warranty. If 36 months and 1500 hours were purchased, there will be one year of PowerGard coverage (if the machine has a two-year base warranty) or 1500 hours of use, whichever comes first.

I am purchasing a different machine and need my PowerGard transferred from my previous machine to the new one.

The PowerGard contract you purchased applies only to the unit and serial number it was purchased for.

I would like to sell my machine with its active PowerGard contract. Can the PowerGard contract be transferred?

Yes, you merely need to inform your dealer about the changes. The ownership of the machine will transfer as well as the remaining period of PowerGard.

My machine just went out of basic warranty can I still get PowerGard coverage? If so how?

No, once your unit is beyond the basic warranty period, PowerGard is not available for that unit.

Can I finance PowerGard when I finance my machine?

Generally, yes - contact your financial institution or dealer for verification.

Do I have to use a specific dealer for my PowerGard warranty work?

For most contracts, any John Deere Dealer can perform the warranty repairs. If a short-term used-tractor PowerGard Protection Plan contract was purchased, the dealer that sold the contract will have to perform the warranty repairs.

Do I have to pay the deductible for every issue I have with my machine?

There is one deductible per covered event. If a work order has several segments or issues, there would be one deductible.

Where can I check the expiry dates of my basic warranty and PowerGard?

Register your machine on MyJohnDeere.com to view the expiry dates of your basic warranty and PowerGard anytime.

* At participating dealers only. Requires a maintenance plan.
** Not all tractor models.
*** See website for full list of covered components.