9RX 590Tractor

  • 649 hp (477 kW) max engine power (ECE-R120)
  • 13.6 l engine with 6 cylinders
  • 25.5 t and 4.154 m wheelbase
  • Up to an impressive 6.69m² of foot print (0.420kg per cm² ground pressure) with 914mm track width.

9 Series: MEGA POWER

The 9RX comes with more power and thanks to new ballasting options it also has added pulling capacity. Its total footprint is up to 119% more than wheels and 42% more than 2-tracks. Traction is fully maintained even when turning under loads and it produces minimal berming on end rows. The narrow transport width, 40 km/h maximum road speed and 4-post cab suspension make moving between fields easy.