9 Series Tractors


Farm Stronger

Our 9RX 710, 770, and 830 are the world’s most powerful production tractors. They have your back with the strongest pulling performance you have ever experienced, unmatched precision ag capabilities, and visionary cab comfort and controls. Embrace the power of the 9RX series and elevate your farming to unprecedented levels of strength and efficiency.


9RX 640 sets new 24 Hours Tillage Record

The 9RX 640 took the challenge in July 2023: within 24 hours the 9RX pulling an 18.40 m cultivator set a new record cultivating in total 769.40 ha, using incredibly low 3.1 l/ha fuel. (Profi 09.2023)

  • Final 24 hours hectares performance: 769.40 ha
  • Outstanding 32.6 ha/h average performance
  • Incredibly low 3.1 l/ha fuel consumption

9RX 710 - 830

The 9RX 710, 770 and 830 have everything it takes to bring their massive power of up to 913 hp to the ground. The combination of the JD18 engine without DEF, the new e21 PST transmission and the redesigned undercarriages guarantee unmatched drawbar pulling power.


9R 440 - 640

This powerful wheeled tractor is available with outputs of up to 691 hp. The optional HydraCushion™ front axle suspension very effectively prevents power hop, and long workdays are no sweat in the spacious and exceptionally well-equipped cab.


9RT 490 - 590

The 9RT is perfect for heavy straight-line pulling in fields with light soil, limited side hill slopes and generous headlands. Its AirCushion™ suspension provides an unexpectedly high level of ride comfort in a class of its own.


9RX 490 - 640

Fueled by the JD14 engine with up to 691 hp, the 9RX 490-640 enhances productivity with a remarkable ballasting capability of up to 30,391 kg. Featuring a footprint 119% larger than wheels, it ensures superior traction in all load conditions while minimizing berming on end rows. It’s a real mover on the road with narrow transport width and 40 km/h maximum speed.

Operations Center

Operations Center

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