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Analyse and Prepare

Using yield mapping data from the John Deere Operations Center™ combined with other data if available (soil nutrient sampling, satellite biomass, etc.), it’s simple to create variable rate maps. These can be used on your sprayer, mineral fertiliser spreader or slurry tanker if equipped with HarvestLab. You can do this yourself or work with your agronomist or the Precision Ag Specialist at your local dealer.For mechanical weeding applications in row crops you will need to make sure you have the correct guidance lines for your implement. This is best achieved using AutoPath™ as this provides accurate data on the location of the exact planting lines of the row crop, avoiding any potential damage.


Execute in the Field

With the variable rate maps complete you can set-up a work plan for individual fields with guidance lines for your sprayer, spreader or HarvestLab equipped slurry tanker. The job details can be sent directly to the sprayer or tanker. If you’re using a trailed sprayer or spreader, they will be sent to the tractor. Thanks to ISOBUS compatibility, the settings for the trailed sprayer or spreader will appear on the tractor’s display as soon as it is attached. When the tractor enters the field, the job will automatically appear on the display. All the driver has to do is confirm the job and then start straightaway.

For mechanical weeding this is best delivered by an implement equipped with automatic implement guidance as this will follow the exact planted rows recorded by the seeder or planter.

Technology is helping me with lowering the spraying impact.

Mathias Truel
Mørup Agro, Business Manager

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Customer Stories

Controlling Precision Weeding

Controlling Precision Weeding

Daniel Sous in the South West of France is using the John Deere Operations Center™ and its interconnectivity with more than 200 third-party software products for site-specific adapted weed control.

Targeted Slurry Application Boosts Wheat Yields

Targeted Slurry Application Boosts Wheat Yields

Targeted nitrogen fertiliser application in wheat using near-infrared (NIRS) technology can boost yields by up to 5%. Holger Huffelmann explains the setup and possibilities offered by NIRS technology.