Plant & Seed

Analyse and Prepare

Using yield mapping data from the John Deere Operations Center™ combined with other data if available (soil nutrient sampling, satellite biomass, etc.), it’s simple to create variable rate seeding maps. You can do this yourself or work with your agronomist or the Precision Ag Specialist at your local dealer.


Execute in the Field

With the seed maps complete you can set-up a work plan for individual fields with guidance lines for your planter or seeder and send it to your tractor. Thanks to ISOBUS compatibility, the settings for the seeder will appear on the tractor’s display as soon as it is attached. When the tractor enters the field, the job will automatically appear on the display. All the driver has to do is confirm the job and they can start straightaway.

Quality is everything. It’s all about doing it right.

James Dyer
Farm Owner

Customer Stories

The time for variable rate seeding is now!

The time for variable rate seeding is now!

Variable rate seeding is not only about increasing yields and reducing costs. It is also about responding adequately to declining rainfall caused by climate change. Several French farmers and contractors explain how they are rising to the challenge.

Every seed is precious

Every seed is precious

Together with Saaten-Union, John Deere is looking for new ways to optimise drilling. To do this, technical expertise and agronomic knowledge must go hand in hand.