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Guidance & Automation

ATU 200 Steering Kit

Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
  • Consistent guidance across mixed fleets
  • All accuracy levels
  • Minimum speed of only 0.5 km/h
  • Reduced soil compaction and passes

AutoTrac Controller

Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
  • Brings high-precision guidance to mixed fleets
  • Fast line acquisition
  • All accuracy levels
  • Compatible with John Deere Active Implement Guidance

AutoTrac Integrated

Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
  • Less operator stress, Reduced overlaps and gaps
  • Up to 8%* input cost reduction – depending on the application
  • Up to 14%** productivity increase
  • Longer working days in low visibility conditions
  • Reduced soil compaction

AutoTrac Turn Automation

Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
  • Reduced headland skips and overlaps
  • Reduced input costs for fertiliser, chemicals and fuel
  • Minimised soil compaction at headlands
  • More comfort, less operator stress

AutoTrac Vision

Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
  • Spray in early-season corn from 10 cm to 15 cm
  • Profit from automated guidance during spraying even in crops that have been planted without a guidance system
  • Reduced crop damage, Spray faster at up to 30 km/h
  • Cover 20% more hectares per day

AutoTrac RowSense

Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
  • Allows use of automatic guidance in corn that has been planted without a guidance system
  • Improves harvest efficiency even in harsh conditions
  • Improves yield quality
  • Reduces operator stress

AutoTrac Implement Guidance - Passive

Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
  • Perfect path-to-path accuracy in rolling terrain with pull-type implements
  • Less operator stress
  • Consistent seed placement and crop growth

AutoTrac Implement Guidance - Active

Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
  • Tractor and implement are kept on the same track
  • Perfectly aligned tracks and plant spacing
  • No crop damage, no irrigation pipe or drip tape damage
  • Perfectly straight furrows and even seedbeds


Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
  • Peform land-levelling activities with ease
  • Reliable in rough weather and low visibility conditions (dust, fog)
  • Compatible with TerraCutta Precision Terrain Solutions software
  • Automatic scraper height control, User-friendly slope calculator tool
  • Allows multiple machines to work in different planes at the same time

Tractor Implement Automation

Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
  • Simplified operation: e.g. one touch, one bale
  • Maximise throughput and higher productivity
  • Relaxed working and reduced stress for the operator
  • Consistent bale quality, planting and other work results
  • Reduced fuel consumption


Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
  • Easy unloading on-the-go to maximise productivity
  • Priority unloading and less operator stress
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in multi-task and multimachine operations
  • Facilitates coordination of 2 or more machines in 1 field

Active Fill Control

Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
  • Maximise operator comfort
  • Maximise harvest efficiency
  • Enable even less experienced operators to harvest with peak productivity
  • Harvest day and night with minimal spillage

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