Managing Access RightsPrecision Ag Technology

  • Enable Data Exchange
  • Enabling Remote Support
  • Consenting to high Value FarmSight Services

Managing Access Rights

Most of the remote and on-site services described in this brochure are based on data collected from your machines. We take data protection seriously. In the three steps below, you control exactly who’s able to see your data.

Enabling Data Exchange

By signing the JDLink agreement you agree that data from your machine is being exchanged with the John Deere cloud. At that point you can change or modify who has access to this data in one of our online applications such as the Operations Center or the Operations Center Mobile.

Enabling Remote Support

The Team Manager tool in the Operations Center allows you to define who has access to the wirelessly transmitted data. It can be different users in your own organization or external partners like your John Deere dealer. Note that your dealer sees your machine data unless you revoke it: But data sharing benefits you as he will be able to connect to your machine and help you solve potential issues quickly.

Consenting to high value FarmSight Services

Specific services such as Expert Alerts, Fuel Guarantee, Maintenance Alerts and Data Driven Machine Improvements can notify John Deere or your dealer, so that they may contact you to provide performance optimization services. Your consent on