JDLinkPrecision Ag Technology

  • John Deere Telemetric System JDLink
  • Visualize and compare machine performance data across your John Deere fleet or even across multiple John Deere Operations Center organizations.

Efficient Overview of real-time machine Data

Live machine data indicates the performance of the machine and allows machine optimization. In addition to the live machine data (e.g. fuel consumption or engine load), live machine positions of the whole fleet are visible from anywhere at any time.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes from your John Deere machines make proactive maintenance possible in real-time, on the go, and help to significantly reduce your machine maintenance costs.

Machine Analyzer

Machine Analyzer

The Machine Analyzer application visualizes recorded data from your machines.

Agronomic Data from John Deere Machine Displays

John Deere uses a property data format to synchronize agronomic documentation data with your Operations Center organization in real-time*. Every 30 seconds a data package is sent to the Operations Center. This synchronization allows for live tracking of work progress in the Operations Center Mobile. Live documentation data synchronization is possible thanks to our Generation 4 displays – they’re integrated in John Deere machines and are available as a universal solution for other machine brands.