Portable DisplaysPrecision Ag Technology

  • 21.3 or 25,4 cm Touchscreen
  • ISOBUS – AEF certified
  • 4240 with one and 4640 with four video inputs
  • Remote Display Access capable
  • 4240 and 4640 with possible upgrade: Generation 4 Premium or Automation activation

Universal Displays

Our Gen 4 Displays have the exact same, easy to use intuitive user interface, and full certified ISOBUS AEF compatibility. The 4240 and 4640 Universal Displays feature the same screen size and functionality as the integrated 4200 and 4600 CommandCenter™ displays, but in a portable format that’s water and dust resistant.

John Deere Gen 4 Universal Displays are equipped in base with these features: Documentation and mapping, Variable Rate, Data Sync, Over-The-Air updates and Remote Display Access.  Use them throughout your fleet, not only on John Deere machines, by easily switching between equipment.

Extended Monitor

Extended Monitor

The Gen 4 Extended Monitor doubles the screen area so you can monitor and control more functions simultaneously – like viewing vehicle control functions, Precision Ag applications, ISOBUS and cameras at the same time. 
Functionalities can be easily moved between monitors to allow you the utmost flexibility.

  • minimize setup time with quick and easy plug-and-play over the traditional dual-display set-up steps.
  • customize the in-field office to increase viewable access to the 4640 Universal Display run pages 
  • flexible mounting location on your cab 

Offers and Discounts

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Activation options

You can easily upgrade your John Deere Gen 4 Universal Displays at any time to AutoTrac™, Premium or Automation activations.

Gen 4 AutoTrac™ ActivationGen 4 Premium ActivationGen 4 Automation Activation

4240 Universal Display


  • Section Control
  • ISOBUS documentation (TC-GEO)

4640 Universal Display


  • Section Control
  • ISOBUS documentation (TC-GEO)
  • AutoTrac™ RowSense
  • AutoTrac™ Vision
  • In-Field Data Sharing
  • AutoTrac™ Turn Automation
  • AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance - Passive
  • Machine Sync
  • AutoPath™

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture Technology

Discover how different John Deere Precision Agriculture Technology can support you across a wide range of your farming operations.