StarFire 6000 Receiver and SignalsPrecision Ag Technology

  • SF1, GPS & GLONASS and Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) included
  • SF3 signal : +/- 3 cm accuracy with 9 months in season repeatability
  • RTK : ultimate accuracy and repeatability

Get your business on track

Accessing John Deere Precision Ag Technology starts with our StarFire™ 6000 receiver. It features a contemporary design, theft protection, excellent serviceability, and an outstanding signal range. That means you’re ready for work in the field quicker, work with higher accuracy and benefit from even better signal stability.

Tracking up to three correction signal satellites simultaneously, the StarFire™ 6000 receiver actively chooses the best available signal for you and provides three times better signal coverage than previous receiver generations. If conditions change, the switch to the best available geostationary satellite is 80% faster.

Improved SF1 signal

Improved SF1 signal

Our superior entry-level signal lets you benefit from a +/- 15 cm pass-to-pass accuracy, up from previously +/- 23 cm. It is free of charge and comes with GPS & GLONASS satellite signals for positioning.

The next level: SF3 signal

The next level: SF3 signal

The SF3 signal delivers stunning +/- 3 cm pass-to-pass accuracy and 9 months in-season repeatability. Even better, the pull-in time is up to 4 times faster than with SF2, so you can spend more time working in the field instead of waiting on the headland or compromising quality.

ultimate accuracy and repeatability

Ultimate accuracy and repeatability

RTK is the best solution for your farming business. Full accuracy is available in less than 1 minute. Just record your field boundaries once. You will boost your productivity and increase your comfort, by working full width in every condition. Then enjoy features like boundary tracks and a perfect Section Control performance. Finally, you will be able to fully benefit from advanced solutions like AutoPath and AutoTrac Turn Automation.

Effective Theft Protection

Effective Theft Protection

We have two anti-theft features available for StarFire™ 6000 receivers: Security PIN and Lock Kit.

PIN protection allows you to activate and unlock the receiver with a unique four-digit PIN code. Once activated, only users who know the PIN code can use the machine. To prevent the unauthorised removal of the receiver from a machine, you can also protect the StarFire™ 6000 with a mechanical locking kit. Alternatively, you could also remove the universal components of a machine after work and securely lock them until the next use.

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