Connected SupportAgricultural Management Solutions (AMS)

  • Ultimate uptime
  • Higher performance
  • Reduce cost
  • Focus on competences

Benefit from maximum uptime

Start every work day with the good feeling that you and your machines are taken care of by a highly experienced remote service specialist.

John Deere dealers have access to several unique cutting-edge remote tools for obtaining great support that helps you optimise machine performance and maximise uptime. Most of our machines come with five years of connectivity from the factory to enable our dealers to leverage the tools described on the opposite page. To get started, have your dealer help you select a FarmSight Services agreement tailored to your needs and provide your consent.

Remote Display Access

Remote Display Access allows your dealer specialist to connect with your in-cab display and assist with set-up, performance optimisation or troubleshooting of your machine and even ISOBUS implements. No need to wait for an in-field appointment, instead you benefit from immediate help without incurring any extra travel costs.

Service Advisor Remote

Service Advisor Remote enables your dealer to verify and ensure installation of the latest software updates, read out diagnostic trouble codes on demand or perform various recordings to support initial error diagnosis much quicker and more cost-effectively than with in-field visits.

Expert Alerts

Expert Alerts, our newest unique system advancement, is based on software algorithms that can predict certain upcoming issues before they have a negative impact or cause collateral damage. With diagnostic and repair information being generated automatically, dealer service technicians can react more quickly and downtime can be reduced significantly.

Machine Health Monitoring

Our machine dashboard displays potential machine error codes to your dealer in real time. That enables the remote service specialist to quicker than ever before react and support you in any problem resolution.