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  • Collaborate with the partners of your choice
  • Customise your Operations Center account with the tools you like most

Connect to Opportunity

You need to manage data from many different sources? The John Deere Operations Center provides the interfaces for any third-party software or service provider to connect their software solution. That allows you to customise your personal Operations Center account with the tools you require and to seamlessly exchange data between systems.

For example:

  • View an image processed by your drone in the Field Analyzer and compare it with other maps of the same field you have stored.
  • Receive a prescription from your agronomic consultant directly into your account and forward it to the respective machine in the field wirelessly.
  • Synchronise your agronomic data with your favourite local Farm Management Information System.

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Third-Party Interfaces

Our Operations Center platform is designed for you to be able to connect to the external tools and services you need for your business. A growing number of third-party companies like Agricon, Pessl, Claas, Farmfacts and Airbus have already established interfaces for accessing their services via the Operations Center.

More will follow, and meanwhile everyone is welcome to connect via our open developer environment on