Agricultural Management Solutions

HarvestLab 3000

HarvestLab 3000: Perfect Crop Nutrition

Reduce your cost for fertiliser!
Apply slurry as exact as mineral fertiliser.

Receivers Displays

Receivers & Displays

Precision farming starts here. John Deere receivers and displays provide the hardware infrastructure to take full advantage of modern farming and to set up your business for more success.

Guidance & Machine Automation

Guidance & Machine Automation

John Deere offer a complete range of integrated guidance systems, from simple manual control to fully automated. If yours is a mixed fleet, we also offer solutions for other brands so that you can still enjoy the benefits of John Deere guidance and machine automation.

Precision Farming Solutions

Precision Farming Solutions

John Deere Precision Farming Solutions allow you to control and budget your costs more accurately. With real-time sensor data and site-specific documentation you gain valuable insights, can make fact-based decisions and create accurate prescriptions for your next field tasks.

Connected Farm Management

The fourth agricultural revolution – Connected Farming or Agriculture 4.0 – is turning into full swing: Tens of thousands of John Deere machines in Europe benefit from our connectivity solutions.