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2653B PrecisionCutReel Mower


  • Durable cutting units
  • Quick adjust cutting units
  • High durability and reliability
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All-day Comfort
2653B PrecisionCut operator platform is designed to maximize operator comfort with plenty of legroom, an ideally positioned steering wheel, and easy-to-reach controls. It’s available with a choice of a standard seat or a deluxe seat. Both seats allow front-to-back seat movement, providing adjustment for operators of different heights. In addition the deluxe seat includes lumbar support armrests, and a suspension system that can be adjusted for different operator weights and comfort levels.

Easy Service Access
All daily service checks are easily accessible. Simply turn the hood latch and raise the hood to gain service access to the air restriction indicator, engine oil dipstick, backlapping valve, hydraulic components, coolant level fill, and more. The hydraulic tank located at the rear features a convenient fill point on top of the tank and a dipstick for checking the hydraulic fluid level.