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Spare Parts

Don't let your profitability spin out of control.

Springtime represents one of the most critical times of the year for optimising harvesting head settings and control. Incorrect head settings or a badly maintained harvesting head can drastically cut the production of your machine. The following products from John Deere will ensure you keep a grip on your profits come springtime.

Feed Roller Exchange Programme

Feed Wheels

Feed wheel condition is of paramount importance as the moisture content in timber increases at this time of year and studies through TimberLink have shown that a head can lose 20% of feeding speed through worn feed wheels. John Deere offer an exchange feed wheel programme whereby you can equip your harvester with remanufactured wheels at a fraction of the cost. Currently this offer applies only to H480 harvesting heads.

Harvesting Head Sensor Kits

Head Sensor Kit

Head sensor kits ensure your harvesting head measurement remains accurate this springtime with a sensor kit for your John Deere harvesting head. Sensor kits consist of diameter & length encoders and also saw control sensors.


Replacement Delimbing Knives

Delimbing Knife

Rising moisture content challenges delimbing quality in springtime and worn or badly maintained delimbing knives result in both lost productivity and damaged timber.


Exchange Saw Motor Programme

Saw Motor

Exchange saw motors from John Deere offer an alternative solution to a new parts purchase whilst also guaranteeing the quality you would expect from a John Deere Product.


Replacement Feed Motors

Feed Motor

Genuine replacement feed motors from John Deere restore your harvester to full potential.