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Built For Your Needs

If your job requires it, John Deere’s range of tines has thought about it. Each of our unique tine options has been designed for a distinct situation with all of your needs in mind. Forget about dealing with plugging and breakage. Choose the tine that’s right for you.

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Why Are There So Many Different Tines?

  • We offer many different tines to give our customers as many aeration options as possible
  • every soil situation is unique and our wide range enables you to choose the tine that is best suited to your needs and your turf.

How Can I Prevent My Tines 
From Breaking Permanently?

  • It is crucial to choose the tine according to the structure of the area – tines designed for greens and tees are not necessarily designed to withstand impact against hidden objects such as stones or tree roots
  • Wear around side eject window will eventually weaken the tines, so they should be replaced before they reach this stage

What Can Cause Plugging?

  • Hollow tines are more likely to plug than side eject tines
  • Heavier soil conditions
  • Longer and larger internal diameter tines
  • Small rocks in sand can cause both hollow and side eject tines to plug

How To Prevent Plugging?

  • side eject tines allow the soil to dry out a bit more – which can benefit especially in heavier soil conditions
  • if you use longer tines which might reach deeper than previous aeration depth and pulling the heavier soil below, larger side eject coring tines can minimize plugging
  • for soil with obstacles it is recommended to use tines with a larger internal diameter
Golf And Sports, Walk Behind And Mounted Aerators, Field, Tines

How To Prevent Cores From Getting Stuck In The Turf

  • Solid with higher moisture content can cause a “hydraulic lock” on the core and resists removal
  • If possible, wait until the moisture level has decreased or hold off irrigation


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