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Filled With More Options

The SelectSpray Series offers you a choice of a centrifugal or diaphragm pump, a choice of an advanced automatic or manual rate controller. Plus one more important option:

The choice to use your utility vehicle for more than spraying.In minutes, and without tools, you can detach the sprayer, and use your ProGator Heavy-Duty Utility Vehicle for countless other tasks around your course. Take a look at more attachments available to you below.

Sprayer, Golf Course, Field, Rinse Tank Kit

75.7-L (20-gal.) Rinse Tank Kit

When it comes to the end of a spraying job, no one wants to leave the chemical in the tank and the lines. The 75.7-L (20-gal.) rinse tank feature simplifies cleaning out the system at the end of the day. Because sprayers are used to apply many different types of chemicals, the rinse tank will provide the operator an opportunity to flush the lines with clean water so there is no contamination the next time the sprayer is used. It allows the operator to rinse the sprayer in the field at the end of spraying. The sprayer can then be safely stored and will be ready for the next operation. The 75.7-L (20-gal.) rinse tank kit also includes the rinse deflector kit.

Sprayer, Studio, Hose Reel, Spraygun And Hose

Hose Reel, Spraygun And Hose

Manual and electric hose reels are available as attachments. Both hose reels are equipped with 200 ft of 1/2-in. (60.9 m of 12.7-mm) hose as well as with a spraygun. The manual hose-reel option has a hand crank for reeling in the hose, whereas an electric motor is used in the electric option. Both options are equipped with a reel lock for safety and convenience. The reel can be locked into place so the hose does not unwind while the attachment is not being used.

The reel tension brake is adjustable to suit the operator’s preference. The cast-aluminum spraygun is adjustable from cone to a solid spray pattern. The handle on the gun locks in place and there is an adjustable stop. The hose reel supply control lever needs to be in the up position to allow flow to the hose and spraygun.

Sprayer, Golf Course, Field, Foam Maker

Foam Maker

Combined air and liquid lines to foamer head ensures round and accurate droplets. No tools needed to adjust rate – just turn easy-to-reach valve.

Sprayer, Field, Stand & Caster Wheels

Stand & Caster Wheels

Once you’re finished spraying, it’s truly simple to detach the tank and free your ProGator for other tasks. Just remove three mounting pins, disconnect hydraulic lines and electrical connectors, attach storage stands – and you’re done. You don’t even have to use any tools. Plus, stands include caster wheels so it’s easy to move sprayer around, and re-install.


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