Two-wheel-drive H216 Harvester Head

H216 Harvester Head

Short service time

Short daily service time. All greasing points accessible in one position makes maintenance quick and easy. Easy saw chain change. 

H216 Harvester Head

Good delimbing quality

Good delimbing quality. Excellent productivity and amount of cutting cracks minimized. Saw bars up to 90 cm can be used. 

The H216 can be equipped for debarking application. Debarking feed rollers with length measuring and a dedicated, detachable debarking tool in the frame make the H216 suitable for temporary debarking needs.

H216 Harvester Head

For all types of wood

Good measuring accuracy and high productivity also with hardwood. The H216's frame, tilt, roller arms and design of the knives make tree-handling effortless. Multi-tree-handling equipment also available. The frame is high and gives excellent support to a bunch of trees.

H216 Harvester Head

Operational range

50-650 mm

Max cut, mm


Feeding force

30kN – 41kN

Saw device

SuperCut 100S

Tilt operational range

150 degrees

Feed motors

Single speed & Multi speed

Color marking system

Super Mark

Find end sensor



Starting from 1460kg